7 simple steps for a modern smoky eye.

7 simple steps for a modern smoky eye.

How to make the smoky eye modern

Forget sad panda eyes and think more alluring kitty. Inspired by the catwalks this season, the smoky eye gets a modern update with a cat eye, fresh skin and a little optical trick.

1. First thing’s first – keep the rest of your face minimal! Cover up only where you absolutely need to, using lighter products such as BB Cream or tinted moisturiser to let the natural texture of your skin shine through.

2. Frame you eyes with a kohl pencil in black. Draw along your waterline (the inner rim of your eye, between the lashes and eyeball), all around the eye.

3. Now for the dreaded cat eye shape. But here’s a simple trick to get the perfect cat eye: take a tube with a straight edge bottom (your moisturiser, lip gloss, whatever!) and place the edge at a parallel angle to the outer corner of your eye. Draw the cat eye line following the straight edge. Stop when you reach the halfway point between your eye and brow. Easy, right?

4. Smudge the eyeliner around the eye (don’t touch the cat eye line). Use a small brush as it gives better control. Cotton buds can work in a pinch, but you risk wiping off too much kohl. Next, press in black eyeshadow with a brush, starting from the cat eye line and concentrating the colour there. Then gently sweep the concentrated eyeshadow straight across until you reach the middle of the eyelid. You will see an ombre effect.

5. Here come’s the most important step – smudge, smudge, smudge. Using a clean brush, smudge with short strokes of the brush. Step back and add more eye shadow at the outer corner if you need it. 

6. Add a bit highlighter (cream or powder) with a clean brush in the middle of your eyelid for an extra dimension. Finish with mascara – smoky eyes look a bit off without it. True story!

7. Ooh la la, the modern smoky eye. The bare inner corners not only give the appearance of wider eyes, but also prevent you from looking like a panda. And the cat eye is a flirtatious update worth any occasion, really. So break out the brushes and get smudging.

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