Jane Larkworthy follows Donald Robertson at Bobbi Brown and Jenny Shimzu, All Over Press.

Jane Larkworthy follows Donald Robertson at Bobbi Brown and Jenny Shimzu, All Over Press.


W Magazine’s beauty director, Jane Larkworthy, moonlights as a social media star along with her poodle Remy. We asked her to share her favourite Instagrams for this week’s Follow Friday.

Head of creative development at Bobbi Brown, Donald’s very cool designer-logo-laden Whole Foods bag collaborations alone are so clever and witty. But he also happens to be one of the funniest men I know, so his captions bring even more enjoyment.

Just about every day, Jessica Shyba posts her toddler son, Beau, napping with their toddler dog, Theo. The positions she finds in are hysterically adorable (and she’s proven via video that these are NOT posed!) and never cease to make my day.

This one-named Brit is one of our favourite hairstylists at W, but he also posts beautiful and entertaining Instagrams that we love to follow.

By having a healthy trifecta of my personal three favourite topics: his dog, his daily healthy gastronomic plates and – of course – his magnificent makeup creations, Dick Page is my spirit animal and one of fashion’s favourite makeup artists.

Lauren used to work at W, so I experienced first-hand her fine acting skills (she happens to do a spot-on impression of me) and humour, and now that she’s raising two kids in Fairfield County, Connecticut, she’s managed to create hilarious moments of ‘mumhood’ and match them with equally hilarious captions. 

I started following Jenny because I was so starstruck with the fact that this 90s icon had become a friend, but her Instagrams DELIVER. In a world that could perhaps take itself too seriously, she brings a down-to-earth element that I appreciate.


Follow Jane and her poodle Remy on Instagram here and here!

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