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Natalie Joos. All Over Press

Natalie Joos

Casting director and blogger behind Tales of Endearment, Natalie Joos is a social media star and a street style favourite. She shared her most-loved Instagrammers with us for Follow Friday.

She is such a funny woman. She may be the daughter of Diana Ross, but the actress is also down to earth, empowered, charming and disarming. She makes fun of herself sometimes, and takes you with her to events, but it's never cheesy. Love her!

Owner of Italian store You You, Eleonora makes the most of her Instagrams by making sure they always work together aesthetically. There’s a sort of sensual, dark theme to her posts. It’s a mix of fashion and objects, but always with the same dreamy filter.

I love comedian Chelsea Handler’s Instagram. She kills me! She doesn’t care about pretty pictures, but each one tells a whole story that is a comedy all in itself.

Cherie owns a vintage store in Canada and has a great Instagram account with vintage clothes and old, inspiring images. Obviously this reflects all my own interests... Plus, I think Rihanna’s worn her amazing pieces before!

JR’s Instagrams are next level. He's a visual artist, so obviously he should be good. But his work is inspiring in so many ways. He involves musicians, athletes, but also the real people on the street. It’s amazing how he keeps coming up with new incredible projects. He’s not super modest, and he may rub some people the wrong way, but aesthetically he’s the bomb!

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