Change is in the air: from Kim to Kendall, celebs to models on magazines, and the return of not one, but two supermodels, our fashion insiders sniff out where this is all heading.


A: I’ve come to a conclusion. We’ve passed peak Kim.

B: Kardashian? Yes. THANK GOODNESS. I can give up on perfecting the selfie and the art of contouring with makeup now. But what prompted this light bulb moment?

A: Well, I raised my perfectly sculpted eyebrow when I saw that she was doing British GQ. Naked in bed and blonde, I kid you not! Then my eye wandered to my pile of magazines and I saw Kendall Jenner on the cover of Love Magazine and wondered: Is Kendall the fashion model version of Kim? And why did that feel so much more exciting all of a sudden when Kim obviously is the pop cultural icon here?

B: It’s the return of fashion models, darling. A cultural shift, if you will. For the all-important September issues, we had Joan Smalls, Cara Delevingne and Karlie Kloss (plus more on the gatefold) on American Vogue and then a whopping FIFTY top models on Italian Vogue. I literally wept with joy. Mainly because I vowed that if I saw another cover with Reese Witherspoon, I would cut up all my haute couture.

A: I am crying, too! And Reese? Is she still on covers? Anyway, the important issue here is that models are back, which is, of course, amazing since models are more fashion than celebrities – no matter what Anna Wintour says. And they are more fashion because they can do stuff we normal people can’t do. Case in point: the makeup-less look at Marc Jacobs S/S 2015 show. What normal person goes without makeup?!? I, for one, never want to see myself without it. *Shudder*

B: I have NEVER seen myself without makeup!

A: I once did. It was HORRIBLE.

B: *Hurt look* Well, I wasn’t expecting that level of truth, but OK, maybe I should go back to mastering the art of contouring… Anyways. It’s not only the magazine covers, though. I think the interwebs (well, the fashion-y side of it) exploded when they saw the otherworldly Gemma Ward stage a modelling comeback by opening Prada for S/S 2015.

A: *Rachel Zoe voice* I DIE! It’s an omen, or perhaps the final proof, I am so excited, I’m confused...

B: I think this is just the beginning. Models are taking back the fashion world and then will conquer the rest of humanity. Why do I know this? Because TYRA.

A: The goddess! What about her?

B: She is bringing back her fierce and fabulous talk show in 2015, becoming the next Oprah in the process. Mark. My. Words.

A: Oprah? Who’s that? Is she 2015? Can she do no makeup? I rest my case, or yours actually. It’s all about Tyra now.

B: Yes. C’mon, let’s smize together now to celebrate.

A and B: *Smiiiiiizzzzeee*

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