Read how the summer will turn out for you, Geminis Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Cancer Ariana Grande and Leo Barack Obama.

Read how the summer will turn out for you, Geminis Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Cancer Ariana Grande and Leo Barack Obama.

Your Summer Horoscope

We consulted the stars to find out exactly how hot your summer will be (and what trends you should try). Make sure to read this before you make any plans!

Your Summer Horoscope


Summer gets off to a social start since June's focus is on friends, old and new. Just watch out for miscommunications in early June. Creative and romantic breakthroughs arrive on June 22 and July 1, and your talents could find a global stage. Sparks could fly with someone from another background or country (vacation romance, anyone?). A big opportunity could also arrive on July 1, courtesy of the full moon in your fame and career house. Get ready for your closeup, Aries! Romance could hit a speed bump while love planet Venus turns retrograde July 25 – September 6, or an ex could resurface. Think twice before you go there.  In August, a lucky 13-month cycle for fitness begins. Lace up those trainers and unroll your yoga mat. (Dark leafy) green is the new black.

TRENDS TO TRY: Solo star Aries, go bold or go home. You'll love summer's super-bright hues, perhaps in a sexy red onesie or colourful shorts. 

VACATION IDEAS: Physical Aries love action, so skip the sleepy resort scene or beach house rental. Think: ziplining through the rainforest or playing urban explorer.

Your Summer Horoscope


Your practical side is out in full-force in June. You might also be working hard, saving up for fun plans later this summer. A great time to travel (or to enjoy an epic staycation) arrives near the July 1 full moon. Can't get out of town? No worries—there will be plenty of local action to enjoy all summer. Homefront harmony could be disrupted from July 25 –September 6, when peaceful Venus goes rogue in your domestic zone. Take a break from a difficult female friend, or spend time decluttering your nest. An exciting work opportunity arrives at the end of July. Then, a lucky 13-month romance cycle begins August 11. Ready for a little summer lovin', Taurus? Better late than never!

TRENDS TO TRY: The timeless look suits your classic sign, but it doesn't have to be boring or normcore. Reach for this season's botanical button-downs or patterned sneakers in cheerful tones.

VACATION IDEAS: Your sensual sign loves music, so make like your fellow Taurus Gigi Hadid and rock the summer festival circuit. Glamping, anyone? 

Your Summer Horoscope


Happy birthday season! The summer begins with the Sun in Gemini (until June 21), so celebrate your independent spirit. With communication planet Mercury retrograde (backward) in your sign until the 11th, though, hold off on the viral posts until the second half of the month, lest your message be misunderstood. Spend time soul-searching around your life path, and honouring the creative muse (a frequent visitor from June 16 onwards). An intense, honest conversation on July 1 could bring a friendship to new heights—perhaps even romantic ones. Watch out for friction in your circle from July 25 on, though. Home and family take centre stage for 13 months in August.

TRENDS TO TRY: Let the unicorn be thy muse! Your rainbow-bright, eclectic spirit will love summer's license to wear "clashing" patterns, such as the mismatched swimsuit trend, or a cropped bustier with palazzo pants. 

VACATION IDEAS: Road triiiiiip! You don't care where you are as long as you have great company and conversation. Rally your friends, roll the top down, and take off for as many weekend getaways as you can. 

Your Summer Horoscope


Yawn! Summer gets off to a sleepy start in June, when you may be feeling especially emo. But fear not: the June 21 solstice marks the start of Cancer time (and birthday season). A rare Jupiter-Uranus combo on June 22 could bring an exciting work or leadership opportunity. At the July 1 full moon, you could make a relationship official (or call the whole thing off). Watch for interpersonal tension near July 4, when someone could be playing mind games. Who needs 'em? With sexy Mars in your sign from June 24-August 8, and a page-turning Cancer new moon on July 15, you've got the It-factor. You may need a few reminders of that in August, when your confidence gets a little shaky. Tip: quit comparing yourself to other people and embrace your uniqueness. Mid-August, some inspiring new friends could help you remember what really matters.

TRENDS TO TRY: Romantic Cancers should be in heaven with this season's floral explosion. Break away from the cloying sweetness and choose architectural silhouettes or button-downs that toughen up the trend.

VACATION IDEAS: Cancer is a water baby, so head to a sleepy, charming town off the beaten path. Lakes, rivers, oceans—wherever H2O is, you're happy. 

Your Summer Horoscope


Welcome to the Summer of Leo! Lucky Jupiter is in your sign until August 11, which only happens once every 12 years. This is your time to shine, take risks and explore far outside your comfort zone. In June, you'll get by with a little help from your friends, especially ones from the past. On July 1, Jupiter joins forces with romantic Venus in Leo. Dress to impress and flirt up a storm! From mid-June on, home/family issues need your attention. Hunker down until July 22, when the Sun moves into Leo and birthday season begins. Celebrate with a sexy plus-one July 31, a relationship-focused full moon. Make a fresh start at the August 14 Leo new moon – your personal new year. Ready, set, reinvent!

TRENDS TO TRY: Leo rules the hair, so protect your mane (and the rest of your bod) from sun damage in a funky, floppy hat-and-visor hybrid.

VACATION IDEAS: Ruled by the Sun, you love to bask in the vibrant rays AND summer social scene. Channel Saint Tropez glamour by making the beach—any beach—double as your runway. 

Your Summer Horoscope


Summer will have to wait, because for the first three weeks of June, your steely focus is on work or a big goal. Follow up persistently, Virgo—the squeaky wheel gets the oil! Your social life speeds up after June 21, and doesn't slow down for a month. On July 1, get ready for fireworks, as the full moon lights up your true love sector, and a Venus-Jupiter meetup fuels the fantasy factor. Ooh la la! Love could get a little bumpy after July 25, though, when love planet Venus turns retrograde (backward) until September. But never mind, because August 11 is epic. Lucky Jupiter moves into Virgo for 13 months, its first visit since 2004. Get ready for a total makeover of your life, dreams and even your image.

TRENDS TO TRY: Pay tribute to your sign’s eco-conscious nature with sustainable materials or vegan makeup. Don’t shun a little normcore, as long as it's not head-to-toe.

VACATION IDEAS: How about a little earth-friendly luxury? Enjoy ”pura vida” (pure life) in Costa Rica, one of the world's few ”blue zones”. 

Your Summer Horoscope


Spin the globe! You’ve got travel fever until June 21, so pack your bags. Try to schedule getaways for after June 11 if you can, when Mercury ends its tricky retrograde cycle. Mid-June, you get a summer assignment: simplify your life. Downsize, declutter, budget and learn to ”live more with less” (hard for your material-loving sign, we know!). Big opportunities could arrive in July, and romantic sparks could fly with a friend on July 1. Stay focused on big-picture goals, though, especially when love planet Venus (your ruler) slows its roll from July 25-September 6. In August, a long cycle of healing and creativity begins. Is it time to go public with your talents or to hole up in the studio? A soulmate type could also enter your orbit.

TRENDS TO TRY: Balanced Libras can pull off the coordinated two-piece ensembles without looking matchy-matchy. Your sweet sign can rock pastels or even the tulle trend.

VACATION IDEAS: European getaway? Your refined sign will love a dose of arts and culture in a hip city (think: Berlin, Warsaw, Prague), whether you do it in high style or with an affordable Eurail pass. 

Your Summer Horoscope


Privacy, please! You might prefer your cosy, air-conditioned cocoon for the first three weeks of June – either solo or holed up with a special someone. This amour du jour might even be an old flame. Ah, sweet reunions! With structured Saturn in your sign from June 14-September 17, you also have some confidence-building work to do solo. By June 21, you’re ready to launch back into the wider world, travelling, studying or chasing a lofty goal. On July 1, you could meet someone special through work, or become half of an enviable ”power couple”. Getting a little TOO fixated on the future? Slow down and live in the moment more in August. Inspiring new friendships take flight at the end of summer. 

TRENDS TO TRY: Now you see me, now you don’t – the mesh/net trend lets your sultry sign play a game of peekaboo. 

VACATION IDEAS: Scorpios love to be the first to discover out-of-the-way places, travelling incognito when you can. Head to a tiny island with limited access, or a sleepy town with private beaches.

Your Summer Horoscope


Relationships take centre stage for you in June and July, as the Sun makes its annual tour of your interpersonal zones. This is always a little disconcerting for your fiercely independent sign. But fear not: June 2 features a brilliant full moon in your sign, a time to celebrate your uniqueness in all its glory. July 1 could bring a vacation romance or an amazing trip – AND a money making moment. Score! You may be a little moody or sensitive until July 22, when the Sun moves into fiery Leo and reignites your joie de vivre. Take an epic vacay (and leave the needy friends at home). On August 11, your career and grand goals get a huge boost from lucky Jupiter, your ruling planet, which visits your success zone for 13 months.

TRENDS TO TRY: Channel your zodiac sign's bohemian spirit with filmy layers. Pair a soft cotton tee with an extra-long vest, or some festival fringe.

VACATION IDEAS: Intriguing and brightly-coloured spots around the globe speak to your Sag soul. Tour the souks of Marrakech or head to Havana.

Your Summer Horoscope


Farmer’s market, anyone? Summer kicks off on a health-conscious note, so enjoy nature’s bounty – on your plate and with some outdoor fun. Guard against germs until June 11, when you're more susceptible to getting sick. Relationships take centre stage from June 21 on, so find your perfect plus-one. Circle July 1 as your shining solo moment, when the annual Capricorn full moon puts the spotlight on you. A sexy admirer could come out of the woodwork today, too. After July 25, an ex could resurface, or you could find yourself obsessing over a bygone love.  Distract yourself with a creative project—or by planning a trip for the second half of August, when global horizons beckon. By the end of summer, you could have a whole new perspective on life – hello, optimism!

TRENDS TO TRY: Capricorn rules the knees and lower legs. Show yours off with extra-tall gladiators, long chino shorts or a midi skirt.

VACATION IDEAS: Your inner mountain goat will love Cappocia, Turkey, a town built entirely in rock formations, with caves made into hotels (yes, there's still wifi) and famous hot air balloon tours.

Your Summer Horoscope


Bring on the Summer of Love! Romance leads the charge this year, especially while expansive Jupiter is in your relationship house through August 11. It’s a refreshing switch-up for indie-spirited Aquarians. In June, you could reunite with an old flame, and at the July 1 full moon, you could have one of those magical, only-in-the-movies moments. Bring on the cosmic chemistry! A long-distance or vacation love could also heat up. Don't let distance stand in the way of a soul connection. The July 31 Aquarius full moon shines the spotlight on you, bringing together grand plans you've been working on since your birthday. Work or big projects may slow down after June 14, or need some rethinking. Go back to the drawing board or take a break until autumn.

TRENDS TO TRY: It may be too hot for the sweatpants craze, but athletic-inspired looks will suit your sporty, low-maintenance sign.

VACATION IDEAS: Dusty deserts and majestic peaks sing to your nomadic nature. Hike Machu Picchu or set up camp at Burning Man.

Your Summer Horoscope


Home is where your heart is for the first three weeks of June. It’s also where the HEAT is until June 11, thanks to Mercury retrograde scrambling signals in your domestic zone. You could move, redecorate or hash out new terms with a relative or roomie. Romance ignites from June 21-July 22. Circle the July 15 Cancer new moon for an epic date night or the ideal day to meet someone new. After July 25, though, your love life could hit a couple of speed bumps. You may need to focus on work or a detailed project, or just cut back on stress that’s wearing you down. On August 11, lucky Jupiter begins a 13-month visit to your relationship house. You could be drawn to someone far different from your usual ”type”.

TRENDS TO TRY: Compassionate Pisces love style with soul. Make like your signmate Olivia Wilde, and reach for conscious and sustainable options.

VACATION IDEAS: Southern charm with a funky twist? Check out the beautiful homes, amazing food and live music in New Orleans, Savannah or Charleston.


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