Tiany Kiriloff follows Miranda Makaroff and Piera Gelardi, All Over Press.

Tiany Kiriloff follows Miranda Makaroff and Piera Gelardi, All Over Press.

Tiany Kiriloff

TV-host, blogger and fashion journalist Tiany Kiriloff shares her online favourites for this week’s Follow Friday!

I’m totally obsessed with the account of the Spanish duo Gabi & Mike. They have the most aesthetically perfect and original view on Instagram photography. I’m secretly also totally in love with their dog Malibu, which is just too picture perfect for words!

I follow truckloads of personal style bloggers, but this Spanish lady rocks my world. She’s colourful, fun, rock n’ roll and totally quirky. She’s also a designer and creates some mind-boggling cool drawings. Her Instagram pics often make my day. I guess Miranda is one of those girls who doesn’t take the fashion world too seriously and that makes it all fun!

Piera Gelardi is the creative director of Refinery 29, one of my favourite websites, and I just love her personal take on details. She manages to make the world look brighter and even prettier than it is. Her posts are infused with happiness and I guess she’s also a profound lover of a tad bit of fashion humour, something I really appreciate.

Street style is all over the place on Instagram and there are a lot of amazing accounts, but I just love the Locals as I’ve been following it from the very beginning. I enjoy Soren’s take on people and the little details of places he visits during his travels. He’s also the co-founder of12hrs.net. It’s like a guide bundling amazing hotspots in cities that the 12hrs team has visited only for 12 hours.

I follow mainly magazine titles on Twitter – the VoguesGraziasElles and so on, but I just love the twitter feed of @refinery29 and @whowhatwear. They offer a lot of instant info something I find important about Twitter.

I also pay a daily visit to Pleasemagazine.com (@pleasemagazine on Instagram, and they also have a printed version). I really adore this site because of the amazing and often funny editorials which founder Olivia produces on her very own. She also does interviews with interesting influencers worldwide and she introduces you to funky brands you haven’t heard of before.


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