Jessica Alba, All Over Press.

Jessica Alba, All Over Press.

Jessica Alba: charming prints

She’s the reigning queen of mixing classic Hollywood elegance with on-trend style, and Jessica Alba goes for some true Cali charm with this loose, low-key look. Summer city perfection!

  1. Looser separates are the smart fashionista’s secret to beating the summer heat – not only will wider shapes keep you cool in warm weather, a relaxed silhouette brings an easy kind of casual cool.

  2. The wider trouser has found a home in many stylish wardrobes this season, but choosing a pair with a detailed micro-print adds some extra interest and makes it city-worthy rather than beach ready.

  3. Without her colourful bag, this would be a perfectly stunning outfit, but the striking tangerine punch makes it feel sunny and joyful. Just what you need when the summer breeze sweeps in.

  4. It might be a casual summer outfit, but by choosing a graceful stiletto with a pointed toe, she’s toeing the right side of refinement. When doing city casual, it’s of the essence to remember the glam factor.

  5. Daytime casual can be a tricky look to perfect, but finishing it off with a Hollywood hairstyle adds extra polish. Loose, sweeping red-carpet waves combine low-key cool with classic elegance for day or night.
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