There’s a new trend in the fashion world and it has nothing to do with clothes – almost. Cue the far-flung destinations, fabulous people and Instagram madness.


A: So, over the summer there has been a revival. Birthday parties are now the new (old) hot thing!

B: Like Riccardo's?

A: Well, yes, first it was [Givenchy designer] Riccardo Tisci, who brought all the paparazzi-bait he could find to Ibiza, and then Madonna celebrated her 56th anniversary with a 1920s dress-up party. Riccardo was there, too. And Kate Moss. In any case, the most important thing is to instagram the s**t out of the whole thing.

B: Both parties were insane. I’d like to point out that Kate was at both parties. *KATEWATCH*

A: It must be the ultimate in Instagram envy!

B: Though Hamish Bowles' Great Gatsby-themed 50th a few years ago got a Vogue spread. That’s so much chicer.

A: Indeed, but times change and we must move with them. I also discovered a shocking secret: DSquared photoshop their Instagram images! Cue photo of the gorgeous guys with Madonna and not a wrinkle in sight. Smooth as a you-know-what’s bottom!

B: Kim Kardashian, what has her butt done now? Oh, no, sorry. DSquared – THAT IS INSANE. And so tragic.

A: Darling, I’ve seen YOUR Instagram feed. Do not feign ignorance of Photoshop.


A: Feigning!

B: That K-Pop fashionista, G-Dragon, also had a birthday party, but the only notable names there were Diesel’s artistic director Nicola Formichetti and the model Soojoo Park. It looked like it was in a karaoke bar? It was definitely an 80s themed dress-up party.

A: G-Dragon lost. I see our next book pitch: When Should Your Birthday Party Be an Instagram Moment? – A Handy Guide.

B: Rule one: You should only instagram your birthday party when Kate Moss is invited. And is wearing fishnets. Body stocking, tights, whatever.

A: No, it’s only when Kate Moss TURNS UP.

B: That's what I said!

A: No, you said INVITED. Anyone can invite Kate. I surely do every time I have dinner. She never can make it, unfortunately.

B: I suppose Kate pioneered the fancy dress birthday bash for fashiony types celebrating her 30th? When the paparazzi flash was your only Instagram filter. So who would be the ultimate Instagram bash person?

A: Anna Wintour. Though it's difficult to top Madonna isn't it? Well... Rihanna.

B: True. Or Beyoncé.

A: I’m not sure about Bey.

B: It would be fabulous. In an unsurprising way, of course.

A: It wouldn’t be decadent.

B: Lady Gaga then.

A: *zzzzzzzzz* Gaga would just dress up AS Instagram.

B: It’s clear: fashion industry people are the last real hedonists.

A: I suppose someone like Roberto Cavalli IS the party. Wait, it has to be [Saint Laurent designer] Hedi Slimane!

B: That would be so controlled, right down to the lighting and invitations.

A: But everyone would look amazing since the official images would all be shot by Hedi. And Kate would be there!

B: Right. In fishnets. Again. Hedi wins.

The identity of our gossip folk remains an enigma. The illustrator behind this drawing however is the well-known and adored Florian Meacci, a French illustrator based in London.

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