Negative Space Age – 3 nail art hacks to try now

Negative Space Age – 3 nail art hacks to try now

The beauty of the negative nail art trend is in what it’s not. Peekaboo striping, patterns evoking texture – it’s the spaces between the colour that make the most arresting statement.

This stylised white design couldn’t be simpler. Paint your nails white then use a clean makeup brush, dipped in polish remover, to wipe away two bands of colour, while leaving the nail bed painted. Finish with a clear top coat.

A thick stripe between two colours is Mondrian-esque. Cut strips of tape and place them just below the midline of your nail. Paint the bottom half of the nails one colour and the top half another. Before the polish is fully dry, remove the tape. Finish with a top coat.

Crisscrossing on nude nails has a chic, quilted effect. Use thin nail tape to make a crisscross pattern on your nails. Apply nude polish and while it’s still wet, carefully remove the tape. Top it off with a clear coat.

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