Fix a fresh spring look with fake freckles – in just six easy steps.

Fix a fresh spring look with fake freckles – in just six easy steps.

How to fake freckles

Fake freckles have been spotted all over the catwalk, and it’s a great way to make a gloomy winter skin look spring fresh. But banish any thoughts of Pippi Longstocking – this is all chic!

1. As always, you want to start with a good base – clean and freshly moisturised skin. Apply a lightly tinted moisturiser or a subtle bronzing cream all over the face. The end result should be light, warm and lustrous. 

2. Using a blending brush, carefully dip the tip of the brush in a slightly darker shade of foundation. Close your eyes and daub the brush across the lower part of your forehead, the cheeks and the bridge of your nose. You will have dots of foundation, but don’t blend just yet!

3. Take a regular eyebrow pencil (or, alternatively, a cotton bud dipped in brow powder or cream) and dot the pencil lightly on the skin, but instead of just pressing down, twist at the same time. Create as many dots as you like in this manner, varying their size, on the same areas where you applied the darker foundation. 

4. Using your fingertips, press down each freckle. The warmth from your fingers will make the colour melt in to the skin and the freckles will look more natural. This will also blend in the dots of darker foundation.

5. Apply a warm blush to just the apples of your cheeks, not the entire cheekbone. You can also add a tinted peachy-orange lip gloss for an extra oomph that mirrors the warmth on the cheeks. But stay away from brown or pink. If you want to add some mascara, go for it, but it’s optional. 

6. Lock in your fake – yet chic – freckles with a fixing spray. You want it to last as long as possible. Now step back and enjoy your fresh, cheeky, freckly look! 

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