Get perfect sun-kissed skin in 7 easy steps.

Get perfect sun-kissed skin in 7 easy steps.


Love the sun, but don’t want to risk the damage? You’re not alone! Here’s an easy step-by-step guide to getting that glowy, sun-kissed face in any season, but oh-so perfect for now.

1. Start with a clean face and moisturise – don’t forget the ears and neck! Try a lighter moisturiser for the warmer weather and while you’re at it, swap the foundation (if you use one) for a tinted moisturiser. Use only where necessary, and if you need slightly more coverage in places, use concealer. 

2. Bronzer can look incredibly natural. Use a cream-based bronzer for drier skins, powder for oilier skins – look for warm tones and nothing with glitter or shimmer – with a fluffy contour brush (bristles are round and sloping). Apply a thin layer on the points where the sun would naturally touch first: the temples, bridge of the nose, across the cheekbones, chin and along the upper orbital bone.   

3. Blend with the brush like your life depended on it, or at least until there are no longer any harsh lines.

4. Highlighter time! Liquid or powder, it’s up to you, but again, avoid shimmer and anything with white, chalky tones. There are only three points you should highlight: the highest plane of your cheekbones, just above your bronzer, the brow bone and the inner corner of your eyes. Blend, blend, blend into your freshly bronzed skin.

5. Bronze, however, does not mean bare elsewhere. With a separate brush, daub some neutral brown eyeshadow (minimal shimmer, please) on your eyelid and blend in circular motions until you get your desired shape. Apply a little shadow to the lower lash line, pressing the brush lightly as you go along. Then add a touch of highlighter to the middle of the eyelid, if you fancy. For the cheeks, apply a bit of blush to the apple of your cheeks, around where your bronzer ended. Blend!

6. We also want to add definition to the eyes, so curl your eyelashes and apply brown mascara, which gives a more natural look than black. Then brush your eyebrows into place and lightly fill in your brows with powder or a tinted brow gel. 

7. Finish with matte powder that matches your skin tone on the points where oil often breaks through first: the forehead, under the eyes, cheeks and along the nose. And for extra oomph, coral lipstick is the perfect complement to a bronzed look. Apply with a brush for a long-lasting effect or else just swipe the lippy on and get ready to show off that sun-kissed skin!

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