Calgary Avansino

Calgary Avansino.

Calgary Avansino

Health writer and contributing editor at British Vogue, Calgary Avansino is the go-to girl for healthy, beautiful inspiration. These are her Instagram favourites.

London-based foodie Ella Woodward is a lover of all plant-based foods and truly believes in their power to heal illness. Her smoothie recipes are terrific and she has super helpful tips if you're trying to live gluten-free and sugar-free. 

Amber is passionate about fruit, vegetables and low-fat vegan food, and she presents the food so beautifully you instantly want to start chopping your own salad. Her mesmerising posts always inspire me to try new vegetable combinations. 

Catherine McCord is a mother, wife and cook who is bursting with good ideas for school lunches, quick dinners and healthy treats. Her Instagram and Pinterest provide so much inspiration and motivation for me to be more organised!

Nutritionist and wellness coach McKel Hill presents everything in a very straightforward, approachable way, and her food photographs are gorgeous. She favours plant-based, gluten-free recipes and is most definitely a green smoothie connoisseur. 

Kate Burbidge is a psychologist who promotes positivity in every way possible – through words, through nutrition and through movement. I love her message, and her Instagram feed always helps me look at the bright side of life! 

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