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Phil Oh is a fan of National Geographic and Pinball Machines, TT/All Over Press

Phil Oh

Phil Oh is the man behind those inspiring fashion week street-style snaps on his blog StreetPeeper, and more. Here, he shared his favourite people to follow on social media.

I love this Tumblr because it’s so true! As a photographer, it’s pretty funny for me to see the It-items that I’ve spotted on the streets identified, illustrated and satirised like this.

Most of my Instagram feed is of clothes, food or selfies, so it’s nice to mix it up with things like pictures of lions gnawing on a dead carcass on National Geographic’s own account. Also, I see these pics and think “Damn, I wish I could do that.”

I love this Pinterest because as a child of the 1980s and 1990s, I have lots of fond memories of video arcades, especially pinball machines. The Addams FamilyMars Attacks and Twilight Zone machines basically ate up half my allowance every weekend.

Another nostalgia trip for me – this one is a Tumblr ode to rap and RnB from the 1990s, with plenty of GIFs, pics and links to remind you of your favourite hits from the past.

My favourite food magazine! It’s run by a good pal of mine, but I’m allowed one instance of cronyism on this list I think. This has plenty of food inspiration to get you planning your next menu.

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