Tommy Ton follows the Beckerman sisters and Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh, All Over Press.

Tommy Ton follows the Beckerman sisters and Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh, All Over Press.


Tommy Ton’s Jak and Jil blog made him into one of the fashion world’s favourite street style photographers. He shares his Instagram stars with us for this week’s Follow Friday.

Art comes First, the collective founded by Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh, has extended its visual language across all social media and it's always consistently on point. They have curated a very specific point of view and whether it’s them being photographed or their mood board of imagery, it’s absolutely awe-inspiring.

It’s really fascinating to see someone who’s typically shy be able to feel creatively liberated by Instagram. Takahiro Miyashita is a designer I’ve looked up to for quite some time and even when I meet up with him, he’s still quite shy and passive. So I really enjoy seeing him let his voice be heard through Instagram.

I always have the biggest smile whenever I see anything that the Beckerman sisters post. They’re just having so much fun with fashion and with themselves – I love that they don’t take themselves so seriously. It’s just so refreshing to see and I’m partially addicted to their dress-up videos of their dog, Marni.

I absolutely adore Alastair McKimm's styling work. I feel completely inspired each time he publishes images from his shoots. In my opinion, he’s the most relevant and modern stylist working in fashion today. His styling is very accessible and desirable at the same time.

It can be overwhelming following so many personal style bloggers as they endlessly post photos of themselves of what they’re wearing, but what I thoroughly enjoy about Jayne Min is that she’s someone you’re genuinely interested in. From photos of her dogs, to the food she’s eating and, of course, the incredible pieces she acquires, she’s one to watch.

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