The Spice Girls, All Over Press.

The Spice Girls, All Over Press.


Since the 1960s, it’s been the job of girl bands to set the trends for the rest of us, and the result falls somewhere in the middle of coordinated chic and style slip-ups.

Bananarama & Destiny's Child, All Over Press.

With a low-key, tomboyish taste for baggy tees, off-the-shoulder pieces and ripped jeans, the London girls of Bananarama paved the way for the likes of Rita Ora and Rihanna in today’s laidback mix-and-match style.

Through line-up changes and drastic haircuts, Destiny’s Child was always about one thing: achieving independence and strength through bikini tops, bold colours, some jaunty hats and coordinating sparkles.

Shangri-Las, All Over Press.

With their big 1960s bouffants and matching mod outfits, the sisters of the Shangri-Las stormed their way through the charts with hits like "Leader of the Pack", and their sugary retro style is still setting trends today.

The Bangles, All Over Press.

Back-combed perms, acid-wash denim, and body-con mini-dresses: those Bangles ladies managed to hit all the high notes of 1980s style, and with constant forays into that decade’s revival on the catwalk, their fashions won’t be fading away any time soon. 

Haim, All Over Press.

Three Californian sisters with long locks and a taste for Fleetwood Mac-esque rock – of course the Haim girls were going to end up stars! With heavenly harmonies and plenty of matching denim shorts, Haim are setting the pace for girl groups today.

Girl's Generation, All Over Press.

The nine members of South Korea’s Girls' Generation churn out hits in carefully coordinated looks – a hard task, when there are so many of you. The gang’s tastes are high-end too, with Tiffany, YoonA and Seohyun recently spotted sitting front row at a Burberry Prorsum show.

Spice Girls, All Over Press.

Arguably THE girl group of the 1990s, the Spice Girls appealed to a generation through their individual and iconic personalities. Their videos embodied the best – and most questionable – of the fashion at that time, always in their own typically cheeky manner.

Girls Aloud, All Over Press.

Formed on 2002’s Popstars: The Rivals, Girls Aloud spent the 2000s working their way through the trends of the time: from cargo trousers and cut-outs, to boho and baby-dolls, right through to pencil skirts and peplums at the end of the decade.

The Supremes, All Over Press.

Motown in the 1960s was a glam affair, as shown by the Supremes and their long, glitzy gowns, big hair and lashes and healthy love of sequinage. And once Diana Ross came on board, diva style was guaranteed.

TLC, All Over Press.

Known for their outrageous outfits as much as their smooth R&B, the girls of TLC went all in with 1990s fads like crop tops, overalls and parachute trousers, proving even the craziest trends are better with your two best girls standing tall with you.

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