Tinie Tempah, All Over Press

Tinie Tempah, All Over Press

Modern suiting: Tinie Tempah

It’s no wonder that British rapper Tinie Tempah is such a fixture on the front row of fashion shows. With a penchant for the bold, it never gets out of hand thanks to some ground rules.

  1. The mark of a modern man is the slightly cropped trouser. Smart and jaunty, they show off fabulous shoes, but keep the hem at ankle length. Any higher and people will think there’s been a flood…   

  2. When it’s time to slip on a blazer, by opting out of shirting completely and choosing a t-shirt instead, phrases such as ‘casual cool’ and ‘relaxed flair’ immediately come to mind.

  3. Dare to bare by going sockless with your dapper footwear. That hint of skin keeps loafers, brogues, slipper styles and even chic trainers from looking too stuffy or naff with suiting.

  4. While it’s fun to go wild with one’s sartorial choices, a coordinated colour palette of grey (top and trousers) with a blazer in a floral print keeps things from becoming, well, uncivilised. 

  5. The double-breasted blazer is making a comeback – not only does it look suave and sophisticated, but it’s also the perfect foil to a loud print, especially a garden-variety floral.
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