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Paris Fashion Week with Zanita

Paris is where the true fashion magic happens. This is Zanita Whittington’s photo diary from Paris Fashion Week.

"Paris Fashion Week, the final week of shows on the FW 2014 schedule. Being a part of it is truly a crazy ride, endless appointments, the setting, colours and the characters – there's nothing like it! My favourite part, besides the anticipation of what my favourite designers are going to produce each season is of course, the street style scene. 

Just as the designers evolve their collections with each passing season, so do the style icons and trendsetters on the street. Some might call it a circus, the droves of photographers hanging around outside all the shows with the hope to catch that perfect shot of Miroslava Duma or Hanne Gaby Odiele, those who attend just for the sake of being photographed and of course, the hundreds of onlookers – but why is it that way? There's a huge demand for street style coverage - and the designers love it too! Who else will be wearing their most unique pieces for all the world to see? Maybe it'll change in the future but surely we can look back on this time with a beautiful nostalgia. Wasn't it gorgeous when those lucky few attending fashion shows dressed like beautiful birds of paradise for all the world to see? Bringing the runway to the street.“

I never like to make getting ready too complicated, so simple makeup looks work best for me. Lately I'm loving a dark lip for great impact – which also means it doesn't matter if my eyes run in the cold and wind. Drama!

Dressing up for the evening is always my chance to bring out something a little bit sexier but for me that part is all in the attitude. A pair of heels and a sparkle in the eye! I wore this ensemble to the Porter party – which was probably the most fabulous event I've been to, with celebrities like Rihanna, Jessica Alba and Olivia Palermo in attendance, it really felt like a dream come to life!

A stylish duo strolling through the crowd at the Tuileries. Love that grey coat!

Checking out the incredible H&M collection up close at a showroom near Place Vendôme. Can I please put in an order today? Coats to die for!

Excited for a bit of sunshine after a rainy day running around outside shooting the street style scene – then again, who wouldn't be cheerful wearing such a bright yellow raincoat!

Photographers and journalists giving the gorgeous and stylish Anja Rubik a wide berth while leaving a show. She's a walking photo opportunity!

Three of my favourite Korean street style photographers goofing around between shows. Nam (middle) was imitating my own photographic stance and laughing at me – but how else can I keep my camera steady when the light is low!?

Three street style icons strolling through the Tuileries. 

Me outside the Tuileries wearing a jumpsuit – and posing up a storm! 


Blogger, model and a self-taught photographer, Aussie Zanita Whittington travels the fashion circus. Read her blog here, or follow her on Instagram.

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