Man Repeller: 1 skirt, 3 ways

Is there only one way to wear a skirt or could there be... more? We asked the Man Repeller herself, Leandra Medine, for a little guidance.

Nothing quite says "come at me, spring!" like a white cotton apron replete with embroidered lace. Much more, I should add, when said apron is kind of a skirt but also kind of a layering tool that all but screams, "put shorts under me!"

And because Spring has clearly declared that she's not coming at us until winter bows the heck out, consider this instalment of 1 Piece, 3 Ways a letter of encouragement to the anterior season.

We'll start by, unassumingly, letting spring commence its reign quietly with a white cotton henley body from H&M (warning: do not don if you are sure you might need to use the bathroom during the duration of your wear) paired with distressed peg leg jeans that are ripped at the knee. I'll tie the apron around my waist and put my hands in my pocket so you realize I am doing that skirt-over-pant thing I enjoy so much, and throw in black sparkly shoes for good measure.

Then, we'll pull out a big gun in the form of a sheer navy blue dress worn over a black bandeau bra. I'll once again tie the apron in the same place and trick the masses into the thinking I am but wearing an airy tank and skirt. Then I'll open my curtain and be all, "surprise!" I'll also wear sneakers in case I need to run a long distance. You should do the same.

Finally, then, I'll put on denim cutoffs, an emblem of the season that comes just after spring, layer the apron over said cutoffs, counterbalance the cutoffs with even more denim in the form of a collarless, cinched-at-the-waist jacket and camel strappy sandals that are almost sexy. Almost.

So, are you convinced?


”1 skirt, 3 ways” is part of a collaboration between H&M Life and the Man Repeller. Read the website here or follow the Man Repeller on Instagram

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