Summer trends to keep

Just getting back to work or school after the holidays? Why not make them last a bit longer and bring summer’s boho sensibility back with you? It’s the perfect way to ease yourself back into reality – before going full throttle.

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Have you tried the latest techniques to put your best face forward?

Have you tried…

Whether you’re looking for an ultra-low-maintenance look or are willing to add a little time to your routine, get the scoop on the latest techniques to put your best face forward.

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It’s a date!

For date night, it’s all about looking like the best version of yourself – plus a few practicalities. You’ve got the place, time and outfit, so read on for the hair and makeup essentials!

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The Blouse

From 19th century peasant to 21st century couture. Here’s a brief history lesson on your wardrobe’s perhaps most essential garment.

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9-to-5 nail hacks

Everyday office supplies find a second life as your manicure’s new best friend, making nail art—or simply staying within the lines—that much easier. (Just maybe not during work hours!)

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