JLaw, Lupita & Emma by Florian Meacci.

JLaw, Lupita & Emma by Florian Meacci.


Our mysterious insiders discuss the ins and outs (plus the real dangers) of gaining fashion cred when you’re a young actress. Case studies: Emma, Shailene, Lupita, JLaw and Sienna.

Sienna Miller, Florian Meacci.

A: We need to talk about Emma Watson. She’s been killing it.

B: *Aghast face*

A: No, no, no… Not like the Lionel Shriver novel-turned-film! On the red carpet.

B: Yes, our little wizard has grown up. Hermione be gone! From the Saint Laurent tux to the Dior couture backless gown paired with trousers no less, Emma is now a bonafide fashion starlet, no?

A: And she’s an editor, too! She did a whole issue of Wonderland magazine and – graciously – put herself on the cover. Not just a bonafide starlet, but a bonafide fashionista celebrity.

B: She’s the Jennifer Lawrence of 2014. Or wait, is that Shailene Woodley’s new title now? Emma might have the fashion cred, but Shailene has the sass and goofiness we’ve come to love about JLaw. Having said that, Shailene was in Balmain at the MTV Movie Awards. BALMAIN – that va-va-voom, OTT label so loved by Rihanna. I’m so confused.

A: Not very down-to-earth is it? But then again, there’s a fine line between goofy and straight out wacky. Shailene did say recently she finds happiness in peculiar ways. By letting the sun shine…, erm… ‘down there’. 

B: Hmmmm, that’s definitely more racy than JLaw. 

A: Her schtick is mainly to fall over.

B: And photobomb. And generally be adorable. 

A: She’s more slapstick. A family movie in Dior.

B: If we’re talking fashion starlets, surely we have to bring up Lupita Nyong’o, she of 12 Years a Slave, Miu Miu campaign, Lancôme ambassador and... FROW fame?

A: Oh, yes. I saw her at the Miu Miu show and she is FLAWLESS.

B: I bet she did WAKE UP LIKE THAT. 

A: One of the few. But, flawless as she is, there is a danger ahead.

B: *Shudder* I feel the boho breeze of Sienna Miller wafting through.

A: Indeed. How many Sienna Miller movies can you name?


A: And yet, she’s been on the cover of American Vogue countless times. Lupita, if Anna calls, don’t do it! It could be the end of your career.

B: *Aghast face*

A: Then again, she already has the Oscar. I’ve changed my mind. Lupita! Please become the new Sienna! Fashion NEEDS YOU.


The identity of our gossip folk remains an enigma. The illustrator behind this drawing however is the well-known and adored Florian Meacci, a French illustrator based in London. 

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