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Unsure of what to wear this season? Look to the stars – we mean those in the sky – for an astrological guide to your A/W 2015 wardrobe.

Rooney Mara, Getty Images.

21 March–19 April

With a real adventurous streak, Aries get their thrills hunting down that perfect item, even if it takes all season. Channelling your charisma into your look may mean one-off accessories, eye-catching jewellery or an outlandish hat – whichever hero piece can push your outfit into overdrive.

MODERN MUSE: Rooney Mara.

LUCKY LOOK: Accessorise anything with an armful of bracelets.



Jessica Alba, Getty Images.

20 April–20 May

As a Taurus you may be drawn to soft pastels, pinks and blues, as well as delicate floral motifs, but you’re no shrinking violet. Dial up the volume on those pastel prints: look for a vibrant pattern in shocking pink to shake up your usual style, while sticking to the familiar shapes you know and love.

MODERN MUSE: Jessica Alba.

LUCKY LOOK: A simple shift dress with a multicolour floral print.



Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Getty Images.

21 May–20 June

Geminis are naturally tilted towards new and novel ideas, so fashion’s fast pace suits them perfectly. Use the changing season as an opportunity to revamp your whole look, discarding the clothes you’ve tired of in favour of whatever is most modern and eye-catching – exciting shapes and bold colours.

MODERN MUSE: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

LUCKY LOOK: Voluminous tulip skirt and a chunky statement necklace.



Diane Kruger, Getty Images.

21 June–22 July

Comfort is always crucial for the crab and, luckily, the fashion world is in step with your mood this season, with athleisure pieces leading the charge. Nostalgia and memory is also of great importance to you, so you may feel a pull towards vintage pieces, heirloom jewellery or retro styles.

MODERN MUSE: Diane Kruger.

LUCKY LOOK: Soft grey jersey sweatshirt with a vintage-inspired necklace.



Jennifer Lopez, Getty Images.

23 July–22 August

Leos love to be centre stage. Know the power of a bold print and work with it – a vibrant shift dress can turn heads. Pick your most flattering hue, and mix with neutral shades to your advantage: think bright coral, vivid scarlet or deep jade as a st-out shade.

MODERN MUSE: Jennifer Lopez.

LUCKY LOOK: Colour-blocking with a bodycon dress and contrasting accessories.



Blake Lively, Getty Images.

23 August–22 September

Practicality might be a perennial factor in the Virgo wardrobe, but that doesn’t have to be dull. Refined silhouettes combined with elegant neutral colours add up to a chic minimal look that will showcase your exceptional taste and sophistication.

MODERN MUSE: Blake Lively.

LUCKY LOOK: Black skinny jeans with a chambray shirt and tailored blazer.



Kim Kardashian, Getty Images.

23 September–22 October

Librans love beauty in all its forms, and luxurious, rich fabrics like silk, wool, velvet and cashmere will appeal to your senses. Mix fabrics and textures with sleek shapes and silhouettes for an opulent look. The secret ingredient is your innate confidence, shining through any outfit.

MODERN MUSE: Kim Kardashian.

LUCKY LOOK: Black velvet evening dress and a leather-look jacket.



Chloë Sevigny, Getty Images.

23 October–21 November

Perhaps the most mysterious sign of the zodiac, Scorpio loves anything that adds a bit of intrigue – think long skirts, knee-high boots and leather jackets. Try playing with layers and volume in deep reds, purples and black to find your instinctive look.

MODERN MUSE: Chloë Sevigny.

LUCKY LOOK: A winter coat in muted scarlet, with a cape or cloaklike details.



Chanel Iman, Getty Images.

22 November–21 December

The Sagittarius is a born traveller, and a fashion nomad, too. This means she loves to pick up trends and ideas from off the beaten track, blending Japanese street style with preppy Americana on a whim. Look for inspiration from around the world for a global inflection in your wardrobe.

MODERN MUSE: Chanel Iman.

LUCKY LOOK: Souvenir dressing. Look for some unique local jewellery on your next holiday abroad.



Kate Middleton, Getty Images.

22 December–19 January

Capricorn is, arguably, the most sophisticated sign, and while you may have expensive tastes, you know that a refined look can be achieved on a budget, too. Choose your new season purchases carefully. Look for casual glamour in the form of flattering, versatile wrap dresses, tailored jackets and fun metallic jewellery.

MODERN MUSE: Kate Middleton.

LUCKY LOOK: Masculine tuxedo jacket paired with an elegant printed dress.



Kerry Washington, Getty Images.

20 January–18 February

The Aquarius is a born leader, so consider starting a trend, rather than following one. And as communication is vital for you, make sure your outfit says a little something about yourself. Don’t be afraid to go for a striking look, and use your innate versatility to your advantage to make even unlikely fashion work for you.

MODERN MUSE: Kerry Washington.

LUCKY LOOK: Autumn pastels with a twist – an oversized man’s shirt works wonders.



Rihanna, Getty Images.

19 February–20 March

As you’re a sign ruled by your emotions, let your wardrobe follow your heart this season. Take your most-loved item of clothing and build a look around it – whether it’s a dress, a tailored jacket or your beloved blue jeans. Whatever that piece may be, wear it with confidence and panache and you’ll feel like a queen.


LUCKY LOOK: A trusty denim jacket with a slogan tee.



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