Bonkers babes Susie Lau and Julia Sarr-Jamois, All Over Press.The Cool Nerds, Phil Oh

Bonkers babes Susie Lau and Julia Sarr-Jamois, All Over Press.The Cool Nerds, Phil Oh

Fashion SQUADS

After years of fashion focusing on individuality, girl gangs are now part of the zeitgeist, and embracing style solidarity has never been more in vogue. Here are the season’s defining gangs.

The Cool Nerds, Phil Oh.


It’s apt that cult teen classic She’s All That is up for a remake. The nerd girl is the queen in fashion, as well as in the movies. If you’re in doubt, look at Gucci. The influential brand is now a champion of librarian chic, meaning specs, furry flats, geeky berets, sweater vests and knee-length skirts. Make sure not to underestimate this group, as fiction has proven time and again that geeks are the ones everyone falls in the love with in the end. 
FICTIONAL ICONS: Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) in Series 1 of Glee. Enid (Thora Birch) and Rebecca (Scarlett Johansson) in Ghost World
REAL-LIFE MUSES: Anna Kendrick, utterly geeky, utterly adorable.
MAKEUP LOOK: Messy locks. Could be hat hair, could be a bed head, but cool nerds are always subtly sexy. 
GET IN THE GANG: Secretary blouses and satchels are all important, but it’s what you’re reading that matters. The Gucci show notes quoted philosophers Giorgio Agamben and Roland Barthes – memorise a few quotes to impress the geek set.

Bonkers babe Julia Sarr-Jamois, All Over Press.


Make no mistake, these girls may look like they got dressed in the dark, but really they’re fully in control of their style, owning their maximalist instincts and wearing all their favourite things at once. The trick is how they wear it. Those clashing prints – a good style trick if you’re looking to get street-style snapped – have been carefully paired, while the cute-as-can-be accessories are actually a hot collab. Their A/W style spirit animal: the JW Anderson girl, a vision in 1980s partywear. 
FICTIONAL ICONS: Carrie Bradshaw, Season 1 of Sex and the City. CB always errs on the eclectic side of dressing, but in the early episodes she’s notably bonkers. She goes for a red coat, floral dress and baby-blue fuzzy boa for a first date. Enough said. 
REAL-LIFE MUSES: Bloggers Susie Lau and Leandra Medine, aka Man Repeller, are the current queen bees of this gang. 
MAKEUP LOOK: Red eyeliner, drawn on somewhat waywardly, à la queen of kook Vivienne Westwood. 
GET IN THE GANG: The trick is in the layers. Patchwork jeans are a good starting point. Layer a long printed dress over those, and throw on a bright cardigan. Still feeling too reserved? Recruit a fluffy clutch for added mania.

These girls may look like they got dressed in the dark, but really they’re fully in control of their style.

How to spot a Bonkers babe
Girls Scouts, Phil Oh.


These girls don’t give two hoots about fitting in. They’re too busy running free with their Scout pack in the great outdoors. Yet they are the fashion pack’s undisputed muses for A/W 2015. Their trusty green parka was everywhere – even at the sexy Roberto Cavalli show (albeit worn with a shimmering party dress). These girls love to be outside, so they’ll be happy in this season’s oversized fluffy outerwear, especially one of Sacai’s shaggy gilets, with a practical cross-body leather bag with lots of pockets, as shown at Céline.
FICTIONAL ICONS: In spirit, Cheryl Strayed of Wild fame, as played by Reese Witherspoon in the movie. In style, Suzy Bishop of Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom
REAL-LIFE MUSES: Luella Bartley. She’s the toast of the fashion crowd but is equally happy bumming around on the beach. 
MAKEUP LOOK: Nothing but a quick slather of balm to prevent chapped lips. 
GET IN THE GANG: It’s a simple uniform. A great green parka. A tweed mini. Cosy tights layered with chunky socks. A backpack with room for extra supplies and a tent. For evening: replace everything with a cute sparkly frock but keep the parka.

Nu-goth, Phil Oh.


The gothic movement is having a spell in the sun (ironic, given how a ghostly pale complexion is an essential of this look), so dust off your big black clumpy buckle boots. Alexander Wang paid tribute to this cult item of footwear with a practically all-black collection that riffed on cult heroes such as Marilyn Manson and Kiss. Nu-goth girls, however, know that darkness is not only beautiful but also glamorous. You’ll find them pairing those boots with decadent black lace gowns, as shown by Simone Rocha and Givenchy. 
FICTIONAL ICONS: Wednesday Addams, the undisputed queen of the macabre and moody.
REAL-LIFE MUSES: Eva Green. FKA Twigs, for her dark lipstick and jewellery game.
MAKEUP LOOK: The goth girl gang are already adopting the stick-on face jewels shown by Givenchy.
GET IN THE GANG: Team a long lace skirt with a battered t-shirt and multiple necklaces.
Stay away from fake tan.

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