Next season nail trends to try now

Next season nail trends to try now

Three of 2017’s biggest nail trends, translated into easy DIYs that, really, anyone can do.

Layering nail polish is a terrific trick that gives new life to sheer colours, which can often fade and look dull. First, paint nails your favourite base colour. Then layer a shimmer or glitter polish as a second coat. This makes the lacquer shine and hold onto its lustre.

Zig zags just got super simple. After applying a base coat, paint a grid of small dots onto your nails. Connect the dots, making a “V” pattern, then extend the lines up to make the zig zags. Finish with a clear top coat.

The water droplet mani is so fancy, but a snap to master. Start with a base coat and your preferred polish. Use a bobby pin to gently dab small drops onto your nail. Let the bubbles of polish dry completely, then apply a top coat.

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