8 easy steps to get the perfect cat eye make up.

8 easy steps to get the perfect cat eye make up.


Glamorous and a little flirtatious, the perfect cat eye isn’t as hard as you think. With a steady hand and a neat trick that we’re happy to reveal to you, get ready to master the ‘flick’.

1. Start with clean, naked eyelids.

2. Take your favourite kohl or gel eyeliner pencil and line your upper lashes, making sure the line is really dense and intense.

3. Now comes the ‘flick’ of the cat eye. The trick in getting this right every time is to use your lower lash line as a guide. With the same pencil, draw a line (the ‘flick’) from the corner of your eye as if you were continuing your lower lash line. Go as far with the flick as you like.

4. Using a liquid eyeliner, retrace the entire line you’ve just made, from your inner eye to the end of the flick. If you want to go bolder, thicken the line as you go along.

5. Step back and fill in any gaps with the liquid eyeliner. And there you have it, an easy-to-do, classic cat eye.

6. If you want more drama from your cat eye, you’ll want to line the lower lashes too. Using the pencil, start from the outer corner of the eye and then inwards. 

7. The result of a little more liner? A more intense cat eye look!

8. And for those wanting extra beauty points or who simply enjoy colour, draw another line under the line you’ve already made on the lower lashes with any coloured eye pencil. Here, we’ve gone for a dusky blue.

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