Olivia Palermo, All Over Press.

Olivia Palermo, All Over Press.


Olivia Palermo may be the quintessential uptown girl, but that doesn’t mean she can’t mix it up too, balancing prints and styles in one stylish look.

  1. What a difference a shirt can make! With the addition of this casually-tied number, Olivia’s outfit goes from classic monochrome to contemporary cowboy in one chic move.

  2. Monochrome stripes generally mean Gallic style and a certain bohemian vibe, but layering with some bright plaid brings a unique edge to the print mix. 

  3. A white skirt is a modern closet essential, and it’s the little touches – like a wraparound style and some classic black contrast edging – that can really make you stand out from the crowd. 

  4. What do you do when the average high heel isn’t enough? Add a little extra sex appeal with some sheer panelling in the form of mesh or delicate net fabric.

  5. With so many prints and pieces in one outfit, it’s the right beauty choice that can pull it all together. Warm contouring and highlighting means instant polish and perfection, adding the finishing touch to any look.
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