The Over-the-knee Boots

How high can you go? This spring, we revisit one of fashion history’s boldest – and coolest – classics.

Prada's over-the-knee boots from 2009, All Over Press

The over-the-knee or knee-length boot has always been the statement piece for brave style icons such as the three musketeers, Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman and Puss in Boots (brave style icons with questionable morals, come to think of it.)
The origins of the over-the-knee boot dates all the way back to the 15th Century, when men used them as riding boots. They grew widely popular in the 1960’s fashion scene, being the perfect match for short dresses and Pixie cuts.

Our most magical boot moment is however a bit more contemporary – we are still not over those Prada waders Miuccia created for the 2009 fall season. This spring, over-the-knee boots are hotter than ever.

If Vivian Ward is not your spirit animal, go for a more demure look that still has a modern sensuality to it. Stylist Columbine Smille explains how.
”Stick to a classic colour scheme and combine the over-the-knee boots with black, skinny jeans and a long sleeved but shoulder-revealing top, and voilà, classy, yet sensual. For this shoot, I chose a pair of high waisted denims, a simple off the shoulder top and understated jewelry.”



Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, Debbie Harry, Rihanna and Joan Kennedy wearing over-the-knee boots, All Over Press.

Photographer Tobias Lundkvist’s favourite items are the classics: a black t-shirt and Chuck Taylors. Stylist Columbine Smille’s favourite item is the perfect, black silk dress.
Our model is the fabulous Mirte Maas. Hair by Mette Thorsgaard and makeup by Kristina Kullenberg.

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