3 easy removal hacks for stubborn makeup

3 easy removal hacks for stubborn makeup

Here are three fresh ways to up your makeup take-off game.

Glitter makeup is one of the season’s biggest trends – and notoriously hard to remove. Try this trick that pro makeup artists use on set. Place scotch tape over the glitter and lift it off. Gone, glitter!

For precision makeup removal (e.g. you smudged your cat-eye), wrap a makeup remover wipe around a cotton bud. It erases your mistakes without ruining the rest of your makeup because the wipe won’t drip like water or liquid makeup remover does.

Long-wear, matte lipstick is the best – until you’re still wearing it three days later. Use lip balm and a cotton wool ball to take off most of the colour. Then take a clean toothbrush, wet it and rub in a slow, circular motion on the lips to get all the colour off. Bonus: the exfoliation makes your lips super soft.

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