Anne-Marie Curtis follows Sam McKnight and Grace Coddington.

Anne-Marie Curtis follows Sam McKnight and Grace Coddington.

Anne-Marie Curtis

As fashion director of ELLE UK, Anne-Marie Curtis is behind the thoroughly shoppable pages of each issue, and this week she shares her Instagram favourites for Follow Friday.

As well as being an industry giant and hair-coiffeur extraordinaire, Sam McKnight is a very keen and talented gardener. I love the beautiful postings from his (and other) gardens. I think it’s so important to have passions outside of the industry you work in and Sam’s Instagram illustrates this brilliantly.

The fashion world’s undisputed number one music maestro/producer. Michel is a fashion insider who has a great sense of humour and is very visually literate. I like his quirky take on the world as he travels the globe making music magic.

A newcomer to Instagram, US Vogue’s creative director holds the honour of being thrown off with her first post: a beautiful illustration of Grace reclining naked in a deckchair. Thankfully now reinstated, and though only a few posts so far (mainly of cats), I think we are all waiting with baited breath for a glimpse into Grace World. A magical place indeed.

My assistant Espe turned me on to this. Photographs from around the globe, from all of National Geographic’s photographers. This one takes you out of fashion into a whole other world. And we all need to do that sometimes.

I don't have a lot of time to look at magazines these days, but am a big fan of both Twin magazine and Gentlewoman. British independent magazines run by super talented, smart women. Hurrah for that.

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