My Summer Romance, All Over Press.

My Summer Romance, All Over Press.


There’s something about the warmer months that always inspires romance. Is the sun? The holiday locations? Whatever it is, we asked some fashion insiders to dish on loves past.

Natalie Joos, All Over Press.

“When I was 17 I travelled to Biarritz with my new boyfriend and three of his friends. Because I didn’t call my mum for two days (I couldn’t get to a pay phone) she started panicking and called every campsite on the Atlantic coast. The boys and I had one giant bungalow tent, and my boyfriend and I were separated from the others by only a thin partition. So there wasn’t much privacy! We spent about ten days driving around, hanging out on the beach, and basically having a lot of fun. Eventually we drove back home because a huge storm flooded the campsite. My boyfriend and I stayed together for another five years.”

Tina Leung, All Over Press.

“It happened out of the blue and hit me like a bolt of lightning (however cheesy that may sound). I had never been one for romance and didn’t believe in all that gushing and mush. I once saw someone in a movie saying, ‘I drowned in his eyes’, or something of the sort and it made me laugh at the time. I now know how that feels and, though our romance was short and a tad tortured, it was unforgettable.”

Sara Blomqvist, All Over Press

“My best memory of summer romance is from the summer of 2010 when I had just gotten together with my husband-to-be, Jeremy Young. We had been dating for a while and, because he is a model too, we were meeting up in New York, London and Paris. Finally we decided to be together for real, with me moving over to England as a result. Just before I moved we went on our first holiday together to Menaggio, just by Lake Como in Italy. It was the best holiday I have ever been on. We went into it not knowing each other all too well, and came out so much more in love than I thought possible. This photo is from when we rented a speedboat on the lake.”

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