From Michelle Williams yellow Vera Wang to Cher's crazy outfits. H&M Life gives you the Oscar styles to remember, All Over Press.

From Michelle Williams yellow Vera Wang to Cher's crazy outfits. H&M Life gives you the Oscar styles to remember, All Over Press.


Whether good or bad, the Academy Awards are guaranteed to be filled with outfits to remember. Let’s look back at successes and disasters through the years!

Barbra Streisand and Halle Berry, All Over Press.

See-through fabric is a classic ingredient on the red carpet. Barbra Streisand made headlines back in 1969 when she managed to be both prim and at the same time show off her butt, wearing a sheer black pantsuit from Scaasi to accept her Best Actress award forFunny Girl. Halle Berry wore an Elie Saab dress in 2002, where she on the other hand pulled off being half naked without showing anything at all. 

Zoe Saldana and Anne Hathaway, All Over Press.

Sure, fluff and frills may look harmless enough, but let’s all bow our heads and remember Zoe Saldana before being eaten alive by her Givenchy Haute Couture dress in 2010, and Anne Hathaway, happily unaware of what’s going on behind her Valentino Haute Couture dress in 2011. 

Björk and Lizzy Gardiner, All Over Press.

8. WHAT?!
After 86 years of Oscar celebrations, you might think that every kind of dress has already been worn. But no. The possibilities are endless! Just let your mind wander free, like costume designer Lizzy Gardiner did with her dress made out of credit cards in 1995 and Björk in her Marjan Pejoski swan dress in 2001. You won’t be featured on any best dressed lists, but you will surely be remembered. 

Sharon Stone and Helen Hunt, All Over Press.

With all the crazily expensive designer dresses on the red carpet, it’s refreshing to see people who choose to show off their style, rather than their connections. Like when Sharon Stone arrived at the 1998 Academy Awards combining her Vera Wang skirt with one of her then-husband’s Gap shirts, and when Helen Hunt wore a dress from H&M’s Conscious Exclusive collection in 2013. 

Courtney Love and Madonna & Michael Jackson, All Over Press.

‘Old Hollywood’ dresses are only surprising on the red carpet when the people wearing them aren’t who you expected. Madonna, dressed in Bob Mackie, showing up with Michael Jackson in 1991 was one such moment, and Courtney Love, in Versace, managed to shock the whole world just by not being shocking, in 1997. 

Diane Keaton and Celine Dion, All Over Press.

Suits are certainly not just for the boys. Diane Keaton showed off her trademark style in Ralph Lauren in 2004 and Céline Dion made heads turn – literally – in her Christian Dior suit and Dior by Stephen Jones hat in 1999.

Penelope Cruz and Charlize Theron, All Over Press.

A dress with a train might be the world’s most impractical piece of clothing. Make sure to wear it only when walking up the aisle to your wedding or possibly while being coronated. Do not – we repeat, DO NOT – attempt to wear it while being stuck in a room with a thousand other people, half of whom are wearing spiky high heels and aren’t really paying attention to you or your dress because they have to manage their own difficult clothing choices.

Two people ignoring our advice: Penelope Cruz in Versace, 2007, and Charlize Theron in Dior, 2005. 

Gwyneth Paltrow and Vanessa Redgrave, All Over Press.

A cape is not a guarantee for Superman status on the red carpet. Gwyneth Paltrow certainly pulled it off in her Tom Ford outfit from 2012, but Vanessa Redgrave’s black tent with red trimmings wasn’t even deemed a hit back in 1978. 

Cate Blanchett and Michelle Williams, All Over Press.

Letting your stylist dress you in a canary yellow dress to the Academy Awards is the actress equivalent to the businessman’s power tie. It lets the world know that you’re in charge of your game and completely fearless. Up for everything and not scared of anything. Not even of the hardest colour to pull off on earth!

Cate Blanchett in Valentino Haute Couture, 2005, and Michelle Williams in Vera Wang, 2006. 

Four shades of Cher, All Over Press.

There’s an ancient saying: The Academy Awards are never boring if they feature Cher. 

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