Confused by the in-between-seasons weather? Leandra Medine from the Man Repeller gives us a valuable lesson in layering.

I hate it to say it but it appears as though Fall is currently waiting at a layover station, all but ready to sweep back into its hometown, September and resume its position as opening band for universal arch nemesis, the artist formerly known as Winter. Overall, it's no fun, but I'm not one to look at clouds without considering the omnipresent silver lining, which in this case is, of course, the prospect of not just layers but the ability to recycle at least two of your summer mainstays. Bring them with you onto the battlefield – they'll serve as a reminder that at the end of the cold front head resides a set of hot springs eager for your return.
Confused? Don't be. Here are five steps to quell your fear of frost-bitten finger tips.
1: Identify your favorite pair of jeans – put them on. Now, take a garment (ideally a beach dress) you wore frequently through the course of your summer and remember the good times you had: on the beach, in a sail boat, whatever. Put it on over your jeans.
2: Now, consider how you could conceal this garment without completely giving it up. I opted for a dramatically-sleeved blush pink chiffon blouse from H&M because I knew that it would make step 3 – sequins – all the more effusive.
3: Ever been told you can't wear a tank over a long sleeve shirt? That is silly. The 90s are back and better than they were then so celebrate good times, come on.
3a: And knot your tunic so as to give it new dimension.
4: Put on heels.
5: In celebrating your good times, don't forget that it's getting chilly. Add a blazer and as the season progresses, consider a scarf, a hat, a larger coat, etc.
It will make the shedding process come next Spring all the more enjoyable.

“A lesson in layering” is part of a collaboration between H&M Life and the Man Repeller. Visit the website here and follow @manrepeller on Instagram. Read the first instalment of this collaboration here, part 2 here, part 3 here, and part 4 here.

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