1 product – 3 genius beauty hacks

1 product – 3 genius beauty hacks

Balm is a basic that should be in every beauty arsenal. We show you why.

Nothing’s more disappointing than fragrance that fades. Balm to the rescue! Rub some onto your pulse points before putting on perfume. The balm makes the scent last longer than if you spray on dry skin.

How many times have you tossed away a bottle of nail polish because the top was stuck shut? Next time, use a cotton bud to cover the mouth of the bottle with some balm. You'll never struggle with opening your nail polish again!

If you’re always getting nail polish on your skin, try this. Apply balm around your fingernails with a cotton bud before painting your nails. If you’ve gone outside the lines, the polish won’t stick to your skin and wipes right off.

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