2016 is the year of vegetables if you read the menus of the hottest restaurants right now.


Derek Zoolander, Yoko Ono, witches, enzymes, and carrots all vie for your attention in February. Use your time wisely as the month is packed with goodies. Nom nom nom.

Kick off Fashion Month (the back-to-back international fashion weeks) with Vogue 100: A Century of Style, an exhibition that covers the 100 years of British Vogue (expect lots of Kate Moss). For the real deal – the actual catwalk shows, that is – the ones to watch this season are Balenciaga (with new It-boy Demna Gvasalia), LVMH prize winners Marques’ Almeida and, of course, Dior without Raf Simons. But other pressing things are on our minds: Which S/S 2016 collections will be streetstyle hits? Surely Vetements and Gucci are good bets, but Marc Jacobs’ America collection and JW Anderson for the more adventurous also seem likely candidates. If anyone turns up in Commes des Garçons’ Blue Witches collection, we’ll be impressed.

Speaking of Rei Kawakubo, maybe she was prescient with her Comme des Garçons collection, for February sees Yoko Ono returning with her album Yes, I’m a Witch. Add to that the horror movie The Witch, which has been called “soul-shaking” and “genuinely unnerving”. For those still into zombies, cult book Pride and Prejudice and Zombies has become a movie, putting together Jane Austen, kick-ass women in dresses – and the undead.

Derek Zoolander is back – and so are Hansel and Mugatu. Derek has to infiltrate the fashion industry and battle its evil characters again. Can it possibly be as funny as the first film? Judging by the trailer, the answer is yes. But the new HBO series Vinyl – from Mick Jagger, Martin Scorsese and Terence Winter (The Wolf of Wall StreetBoardwalk Empire) – about the music industry in 1970s New York, can prove to be the real fashion experience on screen this month. Ah, the 1970s... remember when we laughed at the "decade that style forgot”? Nope, us neither.

Head to Guggenheim for some culture and fashion this month, Florian Meacci

For your cultural fix this month, head to New York, where the Guggenheim puts on a retrospective with Peter Fischli and David Weiss, titled How to Work Better. If you need a fashion justification: The duo created sculptures made out of pumps. Sold!

2016 is the year of vegetables according to all the food forecasts. Noodles are being made with them, toasts are now “vegetable” and meat is listed as “side dish” at Al’s Place in San Francisco. Should you be in New York, head straight to Dirt Candy, a restaurant with the tagline “Anyone can cook a hamburger, leave the vegetables to the professionals.” On the menu: Pulled, pickled and jerked carrots with peanut mole sauce on carrot waffles. It’s all getting very Portlandia isn’t it? 

DNA Repair Enzymes are the latest buzzword in skincare. Pioneered by the leading dermatologist Dr Ronald Moy, these enzymes apparently work to undo DNA damage and reveal younger skin. Lip liner is also making a comeback, completing our obsession with everything 90s. Though who can deny their magic when it comes to making lips look fuller? Finally, the rise of Insta-beauty brands is for real. Just look to Huda Kattan – with over nine million Instagram followers, her range of false eyelashes are selling like hotcakes all around the world.

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