Photographer Amanda Jasnowski follows actress and editor Tavi Gevinson among others, Getty Images.

Photographer Amanda Jasnowski follows actress and editor Tavi Gevinson among others, Getty Images.

Amanda Jasnowski

NYC-based photographer Amanda Jasnowski’s playful work, which appears on her Instagram, got her nominated for the CFDA’s Instagrammer of the Year 2014. Here, she shares her favourite “Grammers”.

Jason is an illustrator I met shortly after moving to New York. He hosts Taco Bell Drawing Club, which is always both fun and strangely therapeutic. I’m not usually drawn to long captions on Instagram, but Jason’s are the exception. They unravel a thoughtful story or a joke. 

Tea is based here in New York and specialises in hand-poked tattoos (she is also a really talented musician). I only met her this year but already feel connected to her in a special way. She radiates positivity and strength, and Tea continues to inspire and motivate me both as a creator and as a human.

Annie is a knitwear designer in New York City. Her aesthetic is really strong and beautiful. It comes across so well in any format that it’s shared. Her knitwear label feels like an extension of her fascination with colour and shapes, I’m a big fan.  

Tavi just graduated high school but has been inspiring folks for years. She’s a master of many trades, founder/editor-in-chief, editor, actress, singer. I first discovered her blog when she was twelve and I was 15. Despite the increasing public attention she has garnered, she seems to stay true to herself and her age. 

Larizza is a painter based in Melbourne. To my eyes, each of her photos feels like her paintings – in a very honest and genuine way – and never cease to engage me and make me smile. She also is in tune with colours in a way that speaks loudly to my own infatuation with colour. 

Adam is a graphic designer, published author and collector of things based in New York. He says a lot of things I didn’t know how to, and is also really good at making light of the dark. Always an inspiration, always reminding me of the small joys and just how laughable everything is.


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