Her single Here has been praised by basically everyone and her debut album is expected this autumn. Oh and she’s been endorsed by Taylor Swift. This is Alessia Cara, also known as ‘the next big thing in music’.


Perhaps it’s a bit too early to name a Canadian teenager with one single out as ‘the next big thing in music’, but we’re not the first ones (read: Elle) and we do expect big things from this 19-year-old. So we’ll abide by that epithet. Her debut single Here has been called an anthem for outsiders and introverts, and puts words on something everyone has experienced growing up as well as in adulthood; feeling alienated, invisible and misplaced despite being in a room full of people. Here was released in April and has over 11 million plays on Spotify and more than 2.5 million views on YouTube. But let’s talk less about her praised debut and focus on the future. Soon Cara is releasing her second single Wild Things from her forthcoming album.

Wild Things is about self-acceptance no matter how old you are, what you look like or what you’re choosing to do with your life. It’s about rebelling against standards and what is expected of you. It’s pretty upbeat and has a very alternative sound to it, which I love. We already shot the video to it so I can’t wait to release the song.”

The road to getting where she is today began circa ten years ago, when she first heard songs by her biggest musical inspiration, Amy Winehouse. Soon after she, like any millennial would, began posting videos on YouTube.

“I was really shy growing up, which is why I started posting videos. I was always very embarrassed to sing in front of anybody – so I did videos so people could hear my voice without me being in front of an audience.”

I was always very embarrassed to sing in front of anybody – so I did videos.


As most children and teenagers growing up, Alessia Cara struggled with confidence in her talent. However, in her case the videos spread in her school and her classmates gave her recognition for it. Later, the videos spread outside of hallways, cafeterias and classrooms and started a hype.

“I never had a viral video as such, but I did get a lot of views on my Sweater Weather cover by The Neighborhood. That was the cover that got seen by my production company, and I started working with them which led to me being signed. It was when Here came out that I started to see things change. It didn’t happen in a day but it did shoot up pretty quickly – my social media accounts blew up and people started messaging me.”

If Here made her social media accounts blow up, the endorsement she got from one of the biggest stars in music took it to the next level. In the beginning of July she covered Taylor Swift’s hit song Bad Blood, and instantly got a new fan in the megastar, who tweeted Cara saying, “you are AMAZING”. Before that, the young singer had been compared to and mentioned as an artist following the same path as both Taylor Swift and Lorde. Something she’s not too unhappy about. 

“It feels really good [being mentioned in that context] and I take it as a compliment. They are really successful and what they do with their music is really honest. If I have to be in any [category], that’s where I want to be for sure”, she says.

So Alessia Cara is an artist to watch and everything points to her having a bright future ahead. When we ask her to dream big and free about the future, the artist – despite all the hype and praises – answers in a humble way.

“In five years, I’ve hopefully made another album and travelled a lot more. Overall I hope I’ll be a better performer, singer, guitar player. Just being better. Maybe start producing – I would love that one day.”


Watch Alessia Cara perform her new single Wild Things  here.





FULL NAME: Alessia Caracciolo

AGE: 19


TWITTER: @alessiacara

INSTAGRAM: @alessiasmusic

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