David Beckham turns 40 this weekend, Getty Images.

David Beckham turns 40 this weekend, Getty Images.

8 Best Beckham Moments

This may be hard to believe – but this weekend David Beckham turns 40. Here are our 8 favourite moments with the athlete, style icon, sex symbol and husband of Victoria Beckham. Happy Birthday!

Beckham rises again, Getty Images.

51 days before the start of the 2002 World Cup David Beckham breaks his foot and is told he needs six to eight weeks to recover. To speed it up and get ready, he sleeps in a sealed low-oxygen tent and keeps a special diet with lots of calcium. When the championship starts, the midfielder is on the field.

In Paris Saint-Germain F.C., Getty Images.

Beckham’s career as one of the world’s best football players spanned over 20 years. When he finally, in 2013, decided to end his successful career he did it in one of the most admirable ways possible: By donating his entire salary from PSG to a children’s charity.

In leather, Getty Images.

During the late 90s and early noughties Posh and Beckham would party a lot – in matching outfits. They were seen in monochrome white, matching plaid shirts and jeans and jacket combinations. The most memorable of their shared fashion moments was at a Versace party in London in 1999, when they both wore head to toe black leather. In recent interviews Becks has told reporters that he looks back on that outfit with one thought: “What were we thinking?”

Bringing the Olympic Torch to London, Getty Images.

David Beckham played a key role in getting London the 2012 Olympics. He worked hard as an ambassador for the games and rode in on a red double decker bus during the handover in Beijing. That grand entrance was nothing in comparison to the Opening Ceremony in London. Following massive fireworks, Beckham appeared smiling while steering a speedboat down the River Thames. With him on the boat was the Olympic Torch, held by youth football player, Jade Bailey. 

On the beach with daughter Harper, All Over Press.

Yep, all of those times are our fourth favourite Beckham moment. 

Best friends Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Victoria and David Beckham, Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith, Getty Images.

In 2007 it was time for the Beckhams to conquer America. The world’s most famous athlete left the European football scene to take on the less prestigious American league. His professional career in LA Galaxy didn’t stand out during these years – in contrast to the fame the family received. Posh and David became best friends with Tom Cruise and then-wife Katie Holmes, Will and Jada Smith while their superstardom reached new global heights. Good times! 

Just a regular family day for the Beckhams, Getty Images.

Brooklyn, Cruz, Victoria, Romeo, Harper, David – and Anna Wintour. During a Burberry fashion show in Los Angeles last year, the Beckham family outshine the clothes and all other celebrities at the event. The four siblings definitely never have to feel embarrassed over their parents.

The engagement, Getty Images.

In the late 90s, the young football player fell in love with Posh Spice and proposed to her in 1998. This made them one of the world’s most talked about couples – which they took advantage of. The power couple starred in several reality shows and helped each other’s careers out, building the Beckham empire. Victoria is definitely a key factor in David’s rise to global fame off the football field.

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