Man Repeller: Denim Cut-Offs

Leandra Medine from the Manrepeller styles the perfect denim cut-offs.

The thing about jeans is that sometimes there comes a point when you need them to be more than pants.
That seems like a large ask for something that technically has no control over its being. Your jeans can't suddenly become a skilled pie chef, nor can they turn into a two-man disco. What they can do, however – especially a pair that are lovingly tethered to a style your mom might currently be sporting as we have this chat – is become shorts.
All you need are a pair of scissors and a hand that we can more or less consider ”steady.” Keep in mind that jeans don’t grow back quite as quickly as hair, so take care to figure out the length you want before going all blind barber on them -- and cut less than that. Once you’ve done the first leg-chop, feel free to get more specific with the length. A friend can help, imaginary or real.
Once you’ve turned your denim leg covers into jorts, the next step is to put them on and introduce them to the world of summer. It's essentially their re-birth, and they, like you, are going to want to celebrate.

“Denim Cut-Offs” is part of a collaboration between H&M Life and the Man Repeller. Visit the website here and follow @manrepeller on Instagram.
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