• Leaving Los Angeles. Camille and a 1965 Ford Mustang.

  • The H&M Loves Coachella pool party at the Parker Hotel, Palm Springs.

  • Model Gigi Hadid at the H&M party.

  • Camille lounging at the pool.

  • The Haim sisters djing at the H&M party.

  • Flowers and flowy dresses at the festival.

  • Camille and friend Anita on their way to see Jungle.

  • Italian super blogger Chiara Ferragni wearing H&M.

  • Back in LA. See you next year, Camille!

The Coachella Diaries with Camille

Amazing music and stand-out style. We went on a Coachella road trip with Camille Charrière, aka Camille over the Rainbow. Click through the slideshow to see all the magic and the best fashion from the first Coachella weekend.

Blogger and fashion consultant Camille Charrière, aka Camille Over the Rainbow or @camtyox for all you Instagram lovers, took us on a road trip to the world’s coolest festival. These are her Coachella diaries.

”When you love music, there’s nothing like Coachella. It’s like Glastonbury – but without the mud. The scenery is stunning; you have palm trees, pool parties, not a drop of rain. When you live in a place like the UK, Coachella is heaven on earth. It’s over the rainbow!

Packing for the weekend, I brought a lot of denims, suede, patchworks and all those seventies colours. I always stay true to my style and don’t like to dress up in fancy dresses just because I am going to a party or wear fringes only because I am at a festival. I never pretend to be anyone but myself.

Me and Anita left Los Angeles on Thursday, set for Palm Springs. Anita is my best friend. We travel the world together, causing trouble. We’re the best partners in crime – we work hard and we play hard. We’re curious, and we love to meet new people, and that’s why we’re so good travelling together. It’s a privilege to be in a place like this with a really good friend.

Friday was the warm-up day. We went to pool parties, easing into the weekend. Of course, we went to the H&M party at the Parker hotel. I would never miss it – H&M throws the best parties. The Haim sisters were spinning records and it was the coolest crowd. You know – the fun crowd. People were there to party, not just to pose. [Model and It-girl] Gigi Hadid was there with her hot Australian musician boyfriend Cody [Simpson] and I met people from all over the world, and some blogger friends like Kristina Bazan.

Of course, we went to the festival after to see AC/DC. And you know what, these guys still have it. It was so much fun!

We started our Saturday with the Refinery 29 party, but this day was really all about the music. We caught some electro djs like Tale of Us, and I LOVED Cashmere Cat. Coachella is known for the on-stage surprises. People always bring out their mates with them on stage, like last year when Solange had Beyoncé with her. So I couldn’t wait to see who Drake would bring out for his Sunday gig (Madonna!!). This last day we also went to see French djs like Martin Solveig. When you have this crowd, and you put on really commercial music – there’s nothing like it. You get synergies you would never have in some club. It’s an amazing feeling.”

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