• 1. Focus on shoes

  • The dress

  • 2. Make it into a top.

  • 2. Make it into a top.

  • 3. Play with your silhouette.

  • 3. Play with your silhouette.

  • 4. Layer up.

  • 4. Layer up.


Blogger Pernille Teisbaek is spending four days at the Coachella of the north: Roskilde. Here, she shows us how to wear the same outfit through the whole festival – with small additions that make it look new every day.

Wearing the same outfit several days in a row goes against the fundamental rules of fashion. At least that’s what the fashion snobs will tell you. In our opinion there are no rules, so disregard the snobs and ignore all who frown upon re-wearing and recycling outfits. We went to the Roskilde Festival in Denmark and met up with blogger, stylist and street style star Pernille Teisbaek to get some quick styling tricks.

The first thing you need to know is that when you’re at a festival there’s a great risk that the clothes you bring will get stained, covered in dust (or mud!), or acquire a shady smell. That’s why it’s not a brilliant idea to bring your wardrobe favourites. Instead you should focus on bringing one great piece of clothing and style in different ways each day. This won’t just make your backpack a lot lighter – you’re also doing the planet a little favour. Instead of bringing a lot of clothes that might get ruined – or for sure need to be laundered – you’re only putting very few pieces of clothing at risk.

Scroll down to see four ways to wear the same outfit everyday, but making it look new and different. These are Pernille Teisbaek’s best styling tips! 

    The foundation of Pernille’s Roskilde outfit is a striped jersey dress. For her first look, she’s just wearing that combined with a pair of heels from the upcoming H&M Studio collection for A/W 2015.
    “The ultimate upgrade to any outfit is a pair of heels. I really like these ones because they have the right 70s vibe with the thick heel. I paired them with socks to make it more festival-friendly. Now you won’t get dirty feet! The heels and socks combo looks good with a very simple t-shirt dress like this.”

    “The great thing about this dress is that it’s very versatile! So it’s easy to wear with other pieces either on the top or bottom of it. Here, I choose to wear a skirt over the dress, but it would work well with a pair of loose-fitting jeans as well. I paired the look with white sneakers because it’s my ultimate footwear, and I feel it makes the look a little sporty. White shoes aren’t the ultimate footwear for a festival, but at least they’ll get some very authentic patina.”

    “These gladiator sandals go with everything and are a must-have this summer. By tying a shirt around my waist I accentuate it. Also, it feels more modern than wearing a belt. The shirt is so practical too, because I can just put it on if it gets cold.”

  4. LAYER UP!
    “A chunky knit Is a must-have next season and I love layering. Again, since the dress is very versatile, it turns into a skirt with a sweater on top. It’s nice that the dress has a short turtleneck, which adds to the whole layering look. With this look, I like that the cable knitted sweater, which is a very classic item, clashes with the sporty sneakers. It’s a great combination!”




LIVES: Copenhagen, Denmark

DOES: Stylist and blogger


TWITTER: @lookdepernille

INSTAGRAM: @lookdepernille

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