Gel eyeliner made simple

Don’t be afraid of gel eyeliner pots! Once you find out the secrets to applying it, you’ll not only be amazed by how easy it goes – and stays – on, but also how flawless you’ll look each time.

1. As always, start with a clean, freshly moisturised face. If you normally use foundation, apply it now. 

2. Using a flat but fluffy eyeshadow brush, apply a base of a transparent, neutral-coloured eyeshadow or an eye makeup primer. This can be matte or shimmery. Apply the base as close to the lashes as possible, working with the brush. Then use your fingertips or a larger fluffy brush to work the base up to the top of your eye socket. A base will make the eyeliner last even longer, but you can choose to go without, if you prefer.

3. Time to work an angle! Using a slanted eyeliner brush, place the shorter side right next to the last of your upper lashes. If you angle the longer end of the brush towards the tip of your eyebrow, you’ll get a gorgeous cat eye. If you angle the longer end of the brush straight out, in line with your lashes, you’ll add more width to your eye. Mark which angle you want, and where the line should end.

4. The beauty of gel eyeliner is that it’s incredibly easy to work with and glides on like a dream, creating a more defined line than a kohl pencil and giving more control than a liquid liner. Dip the slanted eyeliner brush into the gel pot and press onto the skin, close to the lashes. Work from the outside in towards the middle of the eye. Stop there.

5. Go back to the outer corner of the eye and draw a second line above the line you just made, leaving a small space between the two lines. A wider space would create a more dramatic look, but let’s keep it natural for now. Now draw a third line from the inner corner of the eye towards the middle, joining the other lines. Press the brush as closely as possible to the lashes.

6. Gently pull the skin of your eye to the side with a finger and fill in the space between the lines, pressing the gel into the skin. 

7. Done! Flawless eyeliner done with elegance and ease. Plus, it’ll last for ages. For an even more intense black, you can go over the painted gel lines with liquid eyeliner. And you can always play around with colours. Gel pots are brilliant for having a wide variety. Go for it!

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