Taylor Swift, the future president of the United States?

Taylor Swift, the future president of the United States?


Undoubtedly, it’s been the year of T-Swift. Dominating the charts, the magazine covers and the column inches, our fashion insiders do have one burning question, though: what’s next?

Hillary Clinton by Florian Meacci.

A: Do you know who Taylor Swift reminds me of?

B: Judging by her undying devotion to eyeliner – Cleopatra?

A: Nope! Elle Woods! Yes, THE Elle Woods of Legally Blonde.

B: A blonde with brains? I like it. Gives me hope next time I ring up the hair salon.

A: Shocking isn’t it? We’ve all been brainwashed by various dolls, but here comes Elle – I mean Taylor – to show us the power behind the fairer tresses. Let’s just look at the facts. She’s the biggest selling pop star. She takes on the digital music industry. She rules the fashion covers as well as the music magazines. She’s unstoppable! In music, fashion and… feminism?

B: YOU GO, GIRL! Why yes, T-Swift dropped the F-word earlier this year and the world rejoiced. 

A: She’s not alone, we should say: Feminism has been the big story of 2014. Taylor just brings the Elle Woods factor to it – the unexpected women’s rights spokesperson. I wonder where she can go from here? I feel my inner oracle stirring… I mean, are there any limits for Taylor? Now that Taylor has discovered feminism, I see only one possible end game here. Hillary Clinton might not be the first female president of the USA...

B: Taylor for Prez! YES, YES, YES. But why stop at president? There’s only one post more powerful (in our fabulous world) – EIC of American Vogue. 

A: Ah, yes… Anna must be retiring soon. And you’re so on point here: Taylor is the obvious contender. Her taste is very Vogue, too, it’s like she lives Vogue already – perhaps with more legs. But she has to bring something new! Legs could be her thing?

B: It has to be, because apparently, Taylor can’t be about her butt. *Eyeroll* I’m talking about Diplo’s Kickstarter campaign to give Taylor a butt. How callow. I was so happy when Lorde waded in with her two cents. 

A: Oh god… all this talk about body parts makes me confused, I need to focus on the important things! There is after all only one question that really interests me in the whole Taylor story.

B: You mean, will she ever ditch the blonde hair? *Puts hair salon on hold* Oh, oracle, what say you?

A: Look at the signs, or eh… sign. That Wonderland magazine cover sans eyeliner showed she’s ready for change. But I feel this is not so much oracle as tastemaker talking. Stay blonde, Taylor! If not for us, then for Elle Woods!

B: Taylor, honey, listen to me: you can do what you please, but POWER BLONDE just has a really nice ring to it, no? Speaking of which… *books hair colour appointment*

A: *Buys shares in peroxide company*


The identity of our gossip folk remains an enigma. The illustrator behind this drawing, however, is the well-known and adored Florian Meacci, a French illustrator based in London.