The Tuxedo

If you have something to celebrate – do it in a tuxedo. There is nothing more glamorous and stylish than a well-fitting dinner jacket. Dare to be dapper!

Historians still fight over the origin of the tuxedo. (In British English: the dinner jacket. Or DJ, if you like cool abbreviations. We do.)

We’ll tell you both versions. Not taking sides!
Henry Poole & Co is a bespoke tailor at Savile Row in London. Henry himself is often credited with creating the blueprint for the first modern dinner jacket. In 1865, the Prince of Wales, future King Edward VII, asked Henry Poole to make him a short evening coat that he could wear to informal dinner parties. Said and done.

After this, the story gets a bit muddled. Someone (maybe a prince, not naming names) lusted after someone else’s wife, which led to a dinner invitation at the royal palace, and suddenly, an American by the name of James Potter fell in love with this fancy, but also very practical, evening jacket. (The story doesn’t reveal whether he got to keep his wife or not.)

James Potter ordered his own jacket from Henry Poole and returned to New York – where he introduced it to his fellow socialites at the country club at Tuxedo Park.

The other version credits a certain Griswold Lorillard with inventing the American version of the tuxedo. Griswold (which is a really good name) was the son of tobacco magnate Pierre Lorillard IV, who founded Tuxedo Park. 

Griswold and his party gang were frustrated with the long tails of their jacket, obviously in the way when country clubbing, and simply cut off their tails for the Autumn Ball at the Tuxedo Park club.  A total fashion faux pas, according to the older, less avant-garde club members.

The tuxedo is the ultimate outfit for a holiday party, says stylist Columbine Smille. ”Isn’t it great when you really get to dress up for special occasions? A well-fitting tuxedo is also very flattering.”

She suggests that we, in the spirit of Griswold, treat the tuxedo with a little less respect:
”Skip the traditional shoes and go for a pair of leather sneakers. It will make the look more modern.”

Photographer Tobias Lundkvist’s favourite items are the classics: a black t-shirt and Chuck Taylors. Stylist Columbine Smille’s favourite item is the perfect black silk dress. Our model is the truly adorable Andre Feulner. Hair by Mette Thorsgaard and makeup by Josefin Scherdin.

Jeremy Renner at the red carpet, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin standing behind a singing, dancing Bing Crosby, Prince William, Sammy Davis Jr, Tom Ford, Burt Reynolds, Sean Combs and Sean Connery in their tuxedos, All Over Press/TT.