How to look like a SUPERMODEL

We know the beauty secrets behind some of the world’s most iconic faces. Click through the slideshow to learn them!

Yes, we all know that we should sleep more and drink lots of water. But there are times when that’s just not enough.

In our “Top Model Secrets” questionnaire, we ask top models from all over the world to share their beauty secrets. Here, we’ve gathered some of the best tips and tricks these beauty pros have picked up over the years. 

Viktor Flumé/Hall&Lundgren.

“No makeup is the key to good skin. I wash my face with mineral water.”
– Elodia Prieto

Honer Akeawi/New Blood Agency

”Never moisturise in a downward motion.”
– Jacquelyn Jablonski

Benjamin Vnuk/Lundlund.

”Invest in a good moisturiser.”
– Harvey Newton-Haydon

Tobias Lundkvist/Hall&Lundgren Creative Management.

”I use a simple bar of soap and 100% argan oil [for my skin].”
– Cato van Ee

Tomas Falmer/LUNDLUND.

”I learned [this] from my mother's skincare routine: homemade scrub made of honey, oats and brown sugar mixed together. Rubbing it against your skin for five minutes will leave it clean and soft like a baby.”'
– Arlenis Sosa

Honer Akrawi/New Blood Agency.

”I use SPF all year round. And mineral water spray to keep my skin hydrated.”
– Isabeli Fontana

Viktor Flumé/Hall&Lundgren Creative Management.

”Always start [your makeup] with a clean face and use clean makeup brushes.” 
– Jourdan Dunn

Bjarne Jonasson/Atelier Management.

”Coconut oil is amazing as a skin oil, hair oil and as makeup remover. I cook with it too.”
– Edita Vilkevičiūtė

Johan Avedal/Studio Bon.

”Use highlighter everywhere around the eyes.”
– Aymeline Valade

Bjarne Jonasson/Atelier Management.

”Curling your eyelashes opens up your eyes.”
– Lily Aldridge

Tobias Lundkvist/Hall&Lundgren Creative Management.

”Vitamin E keeps my skin moisturised.”
– Jasmine Tookes

Tomas Falmer/LUNDLUND.

”I use jojoba oil after every shoot.”
– Lindsey Wixson

Viktor Flumé/Hall&Lundgren Creative Management.

”I never feel more beautiful than after a few days in the sun.”
– Melodie Monrose

Björn Terring/Cameralink.

”[My beauty secret is] Palo Santo Honey Oil.”
– Andreea Diaconu

Tomas Falmer/LUNDLUND.

”Less tequila, more sleep.”
– Sean O’Pry


”Moisturise your neck, not just your face.”
– Crista Cober

Bjarne Jonasson/Atelier Management.

”Never leave the house without sunblock.”
– Behati Prinsloo

”Learn from the pros – less is more, and contouring is weird.”
– Edie Campbell