It doesn’t really matter how I care for my clothes, right? It’s not like that changes anything for the environment? Wrong! Small changes in your everyday routines can actually make a big difference.

With just a little smartness you can get the same nice results, but at the same time being kind to the environment and to your clothes.

At H&M Life, we are down with the Clever Care system which guides you to caring for clothes the clever way, so we went to Los Angeles where we made a short inspo film. Enjoy!

If you hate to look at video clips, you can obviously still learn more about Clever Care. There are five steps in caring for fashion the clever way, in order to reduce climate impact, effort and money. Here it goes:

  1. Don’t wash your clothes too often – air them after each use and remove stains manually instead.

  2. Lower the temperature when machine washing – the clothes still get clean and you save a lot of energy.

  3. Think of reducing the amount you tumble dry – hang drying is free and more gentle to your stuff.

  4. Think of ironing only when necessary – hang drying is often enough to get rid of minor creases.

  5. Use dry clean only when necessary – and look out for ”greener” dry cleaning options.