Special Agent Dale Cooper and Audrey Horne by Florian Meacci.

Special Agent Dale Cooper and Audrey Horne by Florian Meacci.


As our fashion insiders tearfully wave good-bye to one fashion legend, they prepare themselves to greet a swashbuckler and a new wardrobe full of knitwear and… logs.


A: I’m still crying myself to sleep every night. How could he do this to us? 

B: George Clooney? I know, I’m gutted that he’s married and off the market.

A: No, no, no! I mean the legendary showman of fashion, the enfant terrible… Wait, why are you looking so blank? I’m talking JEAN PAUL GAULTIER!

B: I think I’m about to faint, I don’t know if I can withstand a world without cone bras, male skirts AND George. Why is Jean Paul stopping his ready-to-wear? WHYYYYYYY?

A: Such a shame. Especially after a magical show – and much needed injection of happiness into Paris Fashion Week. I will, however, try to forget about how we were nearly crushed to death getting in because seeing a JPG mock beauty pageant was so worth it.

B: I can’t think of a more chic way to be hospitalised than being squeezed between Catherine Deneuve, Rick Owens and some fabulous drag queen. But it was the show that made me ecstatic.

A: It was definitely one delight after another. The pageant segments of fashion editors (Lindsey Wixson as Grace Coddington!), lucha libre wrestlers and mature ladeez with muscular bodyguards were my favourite. It was so hard to say good-bye. Even with giant glitter cannons. *SOBS*

B: I wonder who will give us a supermodel fight over a tiara now? Seeing Coco Rocha and Anna Cleveland wrestle has to be on my top most fashionable feisty moments ever. I haven’t been that excited since the Alexis and Krystle cat fight in the lily pond on Dynasty. And that was in 1983.

A: Alas, as the saying goes: as one door closes another opens, and in our case, preferably with a red carpet and doorman in a top hat. Because… the shocking news directly after Paris Fashion Week: John Galliano has gone to Maison Martin Margiela.

B: My perfectly made-up mouth opened and formed the letters O.M.G. I can’t wrap my head around it. The designer who used to dress up as a swashbuckler or astronaut just to take his bow at the end of the show is now trying on the cloak of anonymity, since Margiela obviously is all about the team. But maybe that’s about to change? I just keep thinking of Galliano taking a bow dressed as a giant Margiela candy wrapper.

A: And as we both know, you’re a bit of an oracle on these matters… But frankly, the BEST news yet to permeate my consciousness? It’s been announced that Twin Peaks will be returning to the small screen in 2016. OUR PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED.

B: It almost makes it bearable to lose Jean Paul! And I can already see 2016 in front of me: We will all wear jumpers. I will finally be able to tie a knot on a cherry stem with my tongue. That 90s high-maintenance makeup is making a comeback. Black coffee will supplant flat whites with almond milk. Chanel will make logs.

A: The oracle has spoken! Now where in my closet am I going to fit those logs?

The identity of our gossip folk remains an enigma. The illustrator behind this drawing, however, is the well-known and adored Florian Meacci, a French illustrator based in London.