Clevercare by H&M.

Clevercare by H&M.


Look out for the new Clevercare symbol on your H&M pieces – you’ll find out how to care for the clothes in an eco-friendly way and pick up a few tips about sustainability too!

Sustainable fashion isn’t just about organic materials and green transport: all stages in the life cycle of a garment have an impact on the environment, and how you wear and care for your clothes does make a difference.

If you’re curious about what you can do to reduce your wardrobe’s environmental footprint, you can start by looking at the care label in your new H&M finds for the new Clevercare sunflower symbol.

Clevercare is a system that H&M has developed as part of its long-term commitment to sustainability. On labels, and on the website, are lots of tips on how to get clean, dry, wrinkle-free clothes in an eco-friendly way. Remember that quick little changes, like lowering the washing machine temperature, make a big difference for the planet!