Run DMC, All Over Press

Run DMC, All Over Press

The ten most stylish moments in hip-hop

Hip-hop since the 1980s has been a great place for experimentation, in music as well as in style. We count down the ten most fashionable moments in hip-hop through the years.

Run DMC, All Over Press


Responsible for putting Adidas well and truly on the hip-hop style map, Run DMC helped define the style of rappers in the 1980s with their big glasses, fedoras, tracksuits and gold chains, not forgetting those all-important sneakers on their feet.

Pharell Williams, All Over Press MediaPunch/insigtmedia/All Over Press


With a taste for high-end fashion and an adventurous sense of street style, Pharrell has worked both looks with aplomb, mainly through his choice of headgear. Whether it’s that oversized Vivienne Westwood hat or a trucker cap (circa 2000s), he knows how to step out in style.

Public Enemy, All Over Press
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With political rhymes and the best beats around, Public Enemy made waves in the early days of hip-hop. On-stage they favoured eye-catching outfits with the all-important accessory: Flavor Flav’s trademark oversized clock worn around his neck.

Missy Elliott, All Over Press


Patchwork denim, furry hats and pink tracksuits: Missy Elliott has never been afraid to take risks, and her sassy dress sense, fabulous makeup and nails, and witty rhymes have inspired many girls and women to be bold and defiant in their fashion choices and in their lives. 

MC HAMMER, All Over Press Copyright Rex Features Ltd 2012/All Over Press


The 1980s saw many fashion fads, but none quite as iconic as MC Hammer’s parachute trousers. With plenty of volume and room to move, the trousers made it easy to dance to the rapper’s fun brand of pop-rap in style.

Kanye West & Asap Rocky, All Over Press


Breaking all sorts of fashion rules, today’s male rappers are leading the way by wearing skirts. Kanye West wore a Givenchy leather kilt on stage, while ASAP Rocky has rocked a white Ann Demeulemeester dress – though he maintains it was just a plain white tee.

Erykah Badu, All Over Press, Kriss Kross, All Over Press Michael Benabib / Retna Ltd.


Long favouring head-wraps and vibrant colours, Erykah Badu brings a  breath of fresh air to hip-hop’s style scene. And recently she’s ascended to the top of the fashion world, too, as face of Givenchy’s S/S 2014 collection.


Teen rap duo Kris Kross topped the charts in the 1990s, and their singular style launched a major trend with a twist: wearing your clothes baggy was standard, but wearing them backwards showed that the pair had extra confidence in their look.

Jay Z, All Over Press Lauryn Hill, All over Press Copyright Rex Features Ltd 2012/All over Press


Across different rappers with vastly different styles, one thing keeps cropping up: sporting uniforms. Whether that’s a football jersey, a basketball tank or some baseball gear doesn’t matter, what does is that it counts as a major influence on the recent trend of sportswear in fashion.


With her eclectic, boho wardrobe and huge variety of hairstyles, Lauryn Hill shook up the sexy 1990s style for women in hip-hop with a fresh modern take on neo-soul. A little mod, a little hippie and a lot of fun make her one of hip-hop’s style icons.