7 products that will rescue your summer hair and skin

7 products that will rescue your summer hair and skin

Keep the summer vibes alive as you get ready for the new season – and treat sun damage at the same time.

It’s been hot and humid, air pollution is the real deal and you’ve been slathering on sunscreen all summer, so of course your body is crying out for a good scrub to deal with all that grime! This purifying scrub has sugar granules and green tea to help polish and revitalise the skin, while meadowfoam seed oil provides deep hydration. Because when you might have been sweating buckets, the sun and heat were also zapping the moisture from your skin. 

QUICK TIP: While in the bath or shower, massage onto your skin in circular motions using an exfoliating glove or mitt, or a body brush for a more vigorous scrub and to boost circulation.

Now that we know that the sun and heat can make your skin dehydrated – plus, think of all the air conditioners we rely on at the office or in school – it’s time to take care of our faces. While drinking masses of water and moisturising plenty are no-brainers, a hydrating face mask is a welcome addition to any skincare routine. Try this mask, formulated with shea and cocoa butter, nourishing argan oil and revitalising rosehip oil at least once a week.

QUICK TIP: While your skin is recovering from the perils of summer weather, keep any exfoliation for the evening instead of the morning. This will help stave off any sun sensitivity.

Been swimming in the ocean, lake or pool all summer? Or soaking up the rays on a lounge chair? Lucky you! But spare a moment for your poor tresses, which at this point, are probably looking a tad frazzled by the elements. Rather than load up on conditioner and weighing down the hair, try a multi-use primer spray before styling to detangle and nourish, plus add shine and conditioning. Spray evenly onto damp hair before going about your usual hair routine.

QUICK TIP: After you step out of the shower, squeeze out any excess water from the hair and towel dry. Hair that’s got 50% to 60% of the moisture out of it will be more receptive to products. 

While we like using our fingers to apply foundation, BB creams or any other base, after a few months of extra-clogged pores (thanks sweat!), uneven pigmentation from the sun or possibly even a little sun damage, you might need to call in for reinforcements – the buffer brush. With this tool, you’ll get that air-brushed yet completely natural look. Using swirling motions, the flat-topped, densely-packed bristles enable you to blend product onto your skin easily and seamlessly.

QUICK TIP: For extra coverage, try tapping the brush on your skin to add more product – you may not even need concealer!

Chances are that you got a bit tanned over the summer, even with regular sunscreen use (a must!), or perhaps even a few sun spots. Both will eventually fade, but instead of having to shell out for several different shades of concealer during this time, a palette is the answer. Mix and match the three shades to your heart’s content. The creamy formula offers medium to full coverage and is super easy to blend. Apply and lightly blend using a brush or your fingertips. 

QUICK TIP: Even if you don’t normally use a setting powder, it’s wise to at least “set” the areas you’ve just concealed to avoid any creases or caking. Use a smaller, fluffy brush in this instance.

Whether you want to eke out summer in your mind or keep that naturally sun-kissed look alive while you head back to work or school, bronzer is the way to go. Opt for a lightweight powder with a silky texture in a matte yet luminous finish, such as this one, instead of a liquid or cream, which will look too strong. You want a fresh, airy glow, making a “3” on both sides of your face. Using a brush, start at the top of the forehead, dust along the cheek and sweep across the jawline all the way to your chin. 

QUICK TIP: Dust some bronzer along the lengths of the nose for extra glow and don’t forget the sides of your neck, especially if you’re wearing your hair up!

We get it, at the end of the day, it’s hard to let summer go. The good news is that you may not have to, at least in memory. Smell is a powerful sense and this refreshing mist has a delicate blend of creamy coconut, smooth vanilla and soft woody notes that will remind you of hazy days on the beach. It’s also infused with hydrating aloe vera, imparting moisture to your skin. Spray onto bare skin and remember the times…

QUICK TIP: The fine mist can also be sprayed onto your hair. Concentrate on the lengths and ends of your tresses so that whenever you move, the scent will waft along with you.

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