Co-exist Story

Our latest collection is totally vegan and totally PETA-approved.

Say hello to the Co-exist Story, a vegan collection that is completely approved by the animal rights organisation People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).  From womenswear to menswear to kidswear, the collection highlights innovative alternatives to materials that commonly come from animals. For instance, there are puffer pieces, which would normally be filled with goose down, made from wildflowers and faux leather pants made from grape skins. Alongside the animal-substitute fabrics are more sustainably sourced materials such as natural rubber, recycled nylon and recycled polyester. 

Co-exist Story even includes vegan make-up certified by the Vegan Society, a first for H&M. There are two lipsticks and an eyeliner pack!

“The ‘Co-Exist Story’ collection epitomises our ongoing commitment at H&M to exploring innovative alternatives to animal-derived fabrics while still offering our customers cutting-edge fashion. H&M and PETA have enjoyed a positive dialogue throughout the project, and we are proud to support the valuable work that PETA is doing every day,” says Ann-Sofie Johansson, creative advisor at H&M.

“Much of our work at PETA is accomplished by forming positive relationships with companies such as H&M as we strive to end the use of animal-derived materials. We’re thrilled to partner with H&M on a collection that features fabulous vegan designs that are kinder to the planet and to the animals who live on it,” says PETA Corporate Responsibility Manager Laura Shields.

PETA was involved every step of the way — all the way down to nitty gritty details of the campaign shoot which took place at the vegan-run Hillside Animal Sanctuary in Norfolk, one of the UK's largest sanctuaries for rescued farm animals. Careful thought and attention was paid to how the models and photographers interacted with the animal stars of the campaign. 

The Co-exist Story Collection will be available at and in selected stores from November 4. Local launches may vary.

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