Namie Amuro x H&M

Collaboration with Namie Amuro, the Artist Who Reigns over the Japanese Pop World, Finally Unveiled!

Our Japan to Asia dream collaboration of “Namie Amuro x H&M” came true after H&M continue sending enthusiastic love calls to her!  

Even now, for 25 years after making her debut, Namie Amuro is an artist who boasts massive popularity across multiple generations, and who continues to reign at the top of the Japanese pop world.

Ahead of retirement in September, Namie has been on her final tour of Japan and Asia, drawing her biggest crowds and performing more concert dates than ever before since this February. In the midst of this extremely busy schedule, and after numerous passionate entreaties to Namie from H&M, it has been decided that the dream collaboration of "Namie Amuro x H&M " will go ahead, as a project that will reach out from Japan to continental Asia.

With Namie, women's fashion icon and role model in Japan and the rest of Asia, serving as Campaign Ambassador, Namie Amuro x H&M will be released online store as well as at H&M stores across Japan on Wednesday, April 25th, during the country's Golden Week season.

The Namie Amuro x H&M collection will see a large number of releases that are sure to make you look forward to choosing your early summer outfits, with feminine, sophisticated silhouettes, cool tailoring, and refreshing designs that evoke the blue sky.

Please be sure to look out for a wide variety of items based around trendy, elegant stripes, vibrant floral patterns, and sky blue.

Prices will range from ¥1,299 for tops, ¥1,299-5,999 for bottoms, ¥2,999-3,999 for dresses, and ¥7,499 for jacket. This diverse collection will feature these items and more.

With Namie Amuro x H&M, during an exciting Golden Week season, H&M will present a lineup that women across the generations can look forward to, from chic, sophisticated items, to relaxed basics, all ready to take the stage in the summer. We hope you will look forward to the release of the campaign images and portrait photos, to be presented in the near future!


Namie Amuro x H&M campaign hashtag #安室奈美恵xHM

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